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Sustainable Summit 2020 Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal

The Sustainable Summits conference will be held in Nepal to showcase the country’s mountain environment, highlight climate change issues and bring international attention to Nepal’s mountain tourism.

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13th Poverty & Social Protection Conference

October 2020 at Kathmandu Nepal

The 2020 Poverty and Social Protection Conference [PSPC2020] will address questions regarding the role and importance of equal distribution of resources and social inclusion. The conference will also address the many effects of poverty, rural development, including social isolation, human trafficking, displacement, suicide and homelessness. Poverty reduction strategies, economic growth, free market, fair trade, social aid and the unavoidable effects of globalization.

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5th Rural Development Conference

October 2020 at Kathmandu Nepal

The Conference is organized by Tomorrow People Organization, an internationally recognized non for-profit organization. The conference on rural development and sustainable agriculture is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, advanced students, and others.

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Sannam S4 Annual SDG Conclave 2020

New Delhi

At Sannam S4, believes that the 17th SDG, namely ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ is the critical backbone for achieving the SDGs by 2030. Enhanced co-operation, especially within multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilise and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources are needed to support the achievement of the SDGs in all countries. Working in close relationship with international corporates, not-for-profits and universities over the last decade, Sanam S4 recognise that they can serve as critical agents to achieve certain SDGs, especially within India.

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Adaptation Future 2020

29 September 2020 – 1 October 2020 at New Delhi, India

Adaptation Futures is the flagship event of the World Adaptation Science Program, which is one of the four components of World Climate Programme (WCP) based on the World Meteorological Organisation Congress XVI Resolution 18. As a premier event in the global adaptation spectrum, Adaptation Futures is a unique platform to facilitate dialogues towards action-oriented solutions from a diverse range of stakeholders that includes academia, practitioners, scientists and policy makers from across the world.

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AI For Good Summit

Geneva, Switzerland

We have less than 10 years to solve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AI holds great promises by capitalising on the unprecedented quantities of data now being generated on sentiment behaviour, human health, commerce, communications, migration and more. The AI for Good series is the leading action-oriented, global and inclusive United Nations platform on AI. The Summit is organised every year in Geneva by the ITU with XPRIZE Foundation in partnership with 37 sister United Nations agencies, Switzerland and ACM. The goal is to identify practical applications of AI and scale those solutions for global impact.

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Power and Development of International Law: Asian perspective

6 June, 2020 at Kathmandu, Nepal

This Regional Conference of the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL) will focus on issues relating to the development of international law from Asian perspectives. An abstract of 500 words should be sent to the Conference by 15 February 2020.

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4th International Conference on Economics and Development

11-12 June 2020 at Colombo, Sri Lanka 

The 4th International Conference on Economics and Development 2020 invites academics, researchers, practitioners, scholars, and industry experts to exchange and share their experiences and knowledge on all aspects of Economics and Development from all around the world.  Send your abstracts   under the theme “Rethinking Competitiveness: The Global Value Chain Revolution“ to before 11th Feb 2020 and click here if you wish register yourself.

The 2nd World Conference on Children and Youth 2020

23-24 July 2020 at Colombo Sri Lanka (Online Conference)

The conference will discuss topics of relevance to Preparing Children and Empowering Youth to Face the Challenges in the 21st Century.

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