University Outreach

For companies with an Indian expansion strategy, the country offers a highly talented pool of industry experts, managers and technicians. Only a handful of Swiss companies are known in India, and it poses a challenge for their India offices to attract the right talent for ‘new age innovation’, from universities and institutions. Partner with us to enhance your outreach and to build brand visibility among Indian institutions. 


Direct outreach platforms: To engage with your in-house experts, to plug them in relevant platforms organised by selected Indian institutions, including introduction to campus recruitment offices. Additionally, we can co-create and offer a technical training, in partnership with a reputed institution. Trainings are often an effective way to engage with Indian talentpool which validates their skills and hireability.

New age innovation: In Switzerland, universities of applied sciences are go-to partners for practical industry problem-solving. Likewise, in India, we can support you to engage with 1-2 similar institutions for customizing your service/ product for emerging markets including cost-effectiveness.

Corporate scholarship promotion: Indian universities highly appreciate short-term exposure programs for their students and executive trainees, in Switzerland. We can help you build brand visibility via promotion of scholarship, as well as assist you with shortlisting and creation of database of relevant applicants.

Timeline:  1 year