Testimonials – ThinkSwiss 2019

Switzerland is full of great hikes, mountains, lakes and medieval history. I have never visited such a scenic country that is so close to nature. The amount of research that happens in Switzerland in the field of Computer Science is unparalleled to any other country. Switzerland is definitely the place for research and higher studies.
Vibhav Agarwal
IIIT Bangalore / Research Intern – University of Fribourg
Geneva has a great natural environment conducive to research in the social sciences as it hosts several international organisations including blocks from the United Nations Office at Geneva, International Labour Organization, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, World Intellectual Property Organization, etc. Thanks to ThinkSwiss this was my first venture abroad and I am really motivated to pursue research in Human Rights after this for further studies.
Avantika Singh
IIT Madras / Research Intern – The Graduate Institute of Geneva
Right from my very first day, I was very impressed by the level of organisation in the group. Each individual project in the lab was somehow contorted to fit the larger vision of the team. I highly recommend Switzerland, in particular for biomedical research, from my experience.
Sharika Mahadevan
IIT Madras / University of Bern
It was the best experience ever to spend three months at University of Geneva. Because of ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship, I got an exposure of a cutting-edge research environment and developed my scientific skills.
Amit Kumar
IISER, Mohali / Research Intern - University of Geneva
Thanks to the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship: Asia-Pacific Program for this international experience which helped me grow both professionally and personally. Not only was I able to carry out research, which is relatively new in India, but also enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of Swiss culture which, I loved immensely.
Anant Jain
IIT (BHU), Varanasi / Research Intern - University of Neuchâtel
ThinkSwiss gave me the outstanding opportunity to do a research internship at the University of Zurich. The experience of working with some of the best minds of the world and the innovative ambiance of Switzerland have radically transformed my way of thinking, and my career.
Arjun Dey
IISC Bangalore / Research Intern at University of Zurich