As a country partner at BioAsia 2020, we're bringing a holistic representation of the Swiss healthtech ecosystem spanning from corporates to startups to academia to investors. We're eager to collaborate with the key players in India and pursue new solutions today, for tomorrow.
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Swiss delegation at BioAsia 2020

There’s huge potential for Switzerland and India to co-create solutions for tomorrow. That’s why we’re bringing the best-in-class industry experts to BioAsia 2020…


Dr. Jan Stapelfeldt

PeriVision’s goal is to help prevent blindness caused by glaucoma. Worldwide roughly 80 million people are affected by this incurable eye disease. Early detection and continuous monitoring is key to prevent people from getting blind. PeriVision strives to create eye care that is affordable and accessible for everyone by leveraging Virtual Reality technology into daily clinical practice. PeriVision created visual field testing using virtual reality technology. PeriVision’s patent-pending deep learning algorithms drastically cut down examination times.

PeriVision is here to evaluate the Indian market for product needs, explore collaborations, discover market engagement models for their product and to represent the dynamic Innovation Center from the University of Bern, ARTORG.

Dr. Rajwinder lehal

Cellestia AG

Cellestia, spun off from EPFL and founded in 2014, is ranked 19 among the top 100 Swiss startups. Cellestia is a privately-owned clinical-stage biopharma company led by an experienced team of scientists, drug developers and business professionals. Cellestia’s drug discovery platform, built on a unique mode of action and together with companion diagnostics, is a first-in-class solution for orphan cancers such as cancer of the salivary gland and childhood Leukaemia.

Cellestia is here to explore the thriving Chemistry/ Biology contract research services to develop the product pipeline, and understand the market dynamics and potential investments.



Dr. Tino Topper

Bottmedical AG

Bottmedical AG is a Swiss deeptech spin-off from the University of Basel based on an IP portfolio related to the core polymer thin-film technology. Their core products include a natural bio-based material for dental alignment and a unique ultra-thin nanosensor technology as a tactile interface between the tongue and a smartphone app for interactive myofunctional training of the tongue as a cure for sleep apnea.

Bottmedical is looking at evaluating the Indian market to understand the APAC dental/orthodontic business potential in terms of customer values, commercial potential and potential scale-up opportunities for bio-based polymer technologies.

Dr. Hans-Peter beck


 Mr. Chang Yun


Noul’s innovative malaria diagnostic solution is a unique all-in-one and point-of-care platform enabling to automatically perform (i) sample preparation (ii) high resolution digital imaging, (iii) embedded artificial intelligence (AI) analysis, and (iv) efficient surveillance system via 3G/LTE system for real-time data tracking and geo-spatial mapping. The device is designed to replace manual microscopic examination to the fully automated one, significantly reducing cost of personnel and lab equipments, but providing much more consistent results than classical microscopy.

Noul is here to understand malarial prevalence in India, to meet with potential buyers in hospitals, research centres, etc. and to assess business opportunities with potential distributors.




Tobias Appenzeller


Tobias Appenzeller is the Head of Quality and Clinical Operations at ARTIDIS. At the heart of ARTIDIS lies a nanosensor that touches the tissue at the molecular scale, enabling the clinician to differentiate benign from malignant samples. Moreover, the sensor can determine cancer subtypes based on specific nanomechanical signatures, hence, identifying aggressive cancer cells with high metastatic potential. ARTIDIS’ Al-powered data platform integrates the nanomechanical signature with relevant patient clinical data to generate medical insights and support therapy decision-making to deliver personalised treatment plans.

Innovation Centers

Mr. Christian Elias Schneider

University of Basel Innovation Office

Christian Schneider, the Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Basel (UniBas) Innovation Office, leads initiatives to support entrepreneurship, internationalisation and PPP initiatives.

Christian is here to engage with India’s innovation centres for scientific and social innovation; leading a delegation of startups, mentors and specialists from the the Innovation office; showcasing the Basel Innovation network.

Dr. Hans-Florian Zeilhofer

University of Basel Innovation Office

Dr. Zeilhofer is the Associate Vice president Innovation, University of Basel, Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Chief Physician for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Hospital Basel and a serial entrepreneur.


Dr. Margrit Leuthold

Deputy Program Director – Future Health Technologies Program, Singapore-ETH SEC

Dr. Margrit Leuthold was in charge of the strategic positioning of medical research at ETH Zurich. Before joining ETH again, she was CEO of the foundation ‘Patient Safety Switzerland’, CEO of swissnex India (Bangalore, India), Head of ETH Global, and Secretary General at the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences. She started her career in science administration at the Swiss National Science Foundation and as staff member of the President at ETH. On a honorary level, she is founding president of Synapsis Foundation, an organisation supporting Alzheimer’s research.

Dr. Indraneel Ghose

Sr. Thematic Advisor – Embassy of Switzerland in India

Indraneel Ghose works at the Embassy of Switzerland in India as the Senior Thematic Advisor for Education, Research and Innovation. His responsibilities include the promotion of science and technology cooperation between Switzerland and India.

Cantonal Representatives

Anke Hollnagel

Director Asia,, Greater Basel area

Anke Hallnagel was previously Head of Marketing and Sales at Doetsch Grether Ltd., a medium-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company. She also worked as a Senior Brand Manager for Colgate-Palmolive Ltd. and Consultant for Boston Consulting Group. Anke represents the Basel Investment Council.

Mr. Amitabh Arora

Director Key Accounts, Greater Geneva Bern area

Amitabh Arora is currently working as Director Key Accounts at the Greater Geneva Berne area (GGBa), the economic development agency of western Switzerland. GGBa offers a comprehensive range of services at no charge to foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in Switzerland.

Mr. Dominik Zeindler

Eastern Switzerland region (StGallenBodensee area)

Part of the Economic development of the Canton of Thurgau and representing the Eastern Switzerland region (StGallenBodensee area). In his current capacity, he supports foreign companies seeking to invest in the cantons St.Gallen, Thurgau and Appenzell. Through his previous roles, Dominik has extensive experience in the area of economic / investment promotion.

Investment Advisors

Tino Gaberthüel

Partner, Lenz & Staehelin

Investment legal advisor

Tino Gaberthüel is a Corporate Law attorney in Zürich, Switzerland. He regularly advises corporates and individuals on all matters of Swiss business law and is specialised in domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions (M&A), including public tender offers, private equity transactions, as well as securities and capital markets law.


Christoph Pauli

Director International Tax, PwC Switzerland

Investment legal advisor

Christoph Pauli has been the Tax Director at PwC Switzerland for more than 20 years.

Kay Egger

Manager International Tax Services, PwC Switzerland

Investment Tax Advisor

Kay Egger has experience with advising on national and multinational, corporate and individual clients. He is experienced and involved in all sorts of tax linked matters, such as, corporate and individual tax compliance and consulting services, employee and self-employed related taxes, inheritance tax, relocation services, national and international corporate tax structuring and reorganisations, negotiation with the tax authorities, as well as tax litigation cases.

Anand Pazhenkottil

Attorney at Law – Partner – Blue Lake Legal

Anand Pazhenkottil is Attorney at Law and one of the founding partners of Blue Lake Legal in Switzerland. He advises companies as well as individuals on complex immigration issues. His focus is on corporate immigration to Switzerland as well as refugee and asylum law.

Tarun Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO, T&A Consulting

Foreign trade Expert

Tarun Gupta is the Managing Partner of T&A Consulting and has considerable experience in advising clients on cross border businesses. T&A is the official India Representative for SIX Swiss Exchange, and provides companies from India with access to the preferred independent Swiss investment network and offer the required connections to the relevant stakeholders in Switzerland.

Sarojini Vasant

Investment Promotion Advisor – Swiss Business Hub, India

Sarojini Vasant is an international business specialist with extensive experience in business development, investment promotion, market research, financial analysis, reporting and media relations, as well as equity research and economics.

Innovation Partners

Dr. Philipp Marchand

Vossius and Partner

Philipp Marchand is an IP Specialist focusing on the lifesciences segment in Europe and Switzerland, in IP and portfolio management at Vossius and Partner. Dr. Marchand, as part of the UniBas Innovation Center delegation, is in India to understand, explore and engage with the Indian Pharma and Biotech industry.

Mr. Ulrich Hoffmann

University of Basel Innovation Office

Ulrich Hoffmann is a member of the Board of Directors of UBS Business Solutions AG and AI Business School AG as well as an advisor to several start-ups. He has 35 years of experience in global financial services and performed various senior leadership roles at UBS. Ulrich began his professional career at Bayerische Landesbank and holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Munich.

Ulrich is looking to explore and engage with the Indian Pharma and Biotech industry, as well as to represent the AI business school.



Marylaure Crettaz Corredo

Head of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in India

Marylaure Crettaz has more than 20 years of International cooperation experience, starting with four years in the humanitarian field. In 2003, she joined the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and has since consolidated her experience in natural resources management and governance, rural development, agriculture and food security, economic development and more recently climate change, energy and low-carbon development.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) recently launched a new programme to improve the health and environment of populations exposed to water pollution by industrial activities. The programme supports industries, including supply chains of multinational companies, in understanding and addressing pollution-related risks. One of the target industries of the programme are manufacturers of antibiotics in India. Through a smart mix of partners and initiatives, SDC intends to shape the global dialogue on water pollution through strategic partnerships with global alliances, such as the AMR Industry Alliance targeting local industries and suppliers along the supply chain of antibiotic production in India.