Our Supporters

Swiss organisations that support us in bringing Switzerland and India closer

Our Supporters

Under the Collaboration Agreement, swissnex India will support UNIGE in regards to the international outreach of its continuing education programs by helping to define a market entry strategy for India, promoting its course offers as well as by identifying and connecting with possible partner institutions for longer-term collaborations. On a case-to-case basis, swissnex India’s support can extend to more general institutional collaboration between UNIGE and institutions in India.

swissnex India will support Haute Ecole de Travail Social Fribourg (HETS-FR) with ‘Knowledge2Action in South Asia’ project during 2019-20. For the duration of this Collaboration Agreement, swissnex India will be responsible for communications & outreach of the project, host the research workshop, provide content input for the workshop & summer school and extend its service for Short Explorative Faculty (SEF) visits in 2020.

swissnex India officially holds the mandate to represent the interests of the University of Zurich (UZH) in India. To this end, we support UZH in organising lectures, workshops with partner institutions in Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. This mandate is also includes hosting a shared intern from the University of Zurich at swissnex India.

As one of the top ranked engineering schools in Europe, ETH Zurich (ETHZ) has ongoing collaborations in India under Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme as well as bilateral programmes (research and student exchange). We are proud to support the activities of ETHZ in India by inviting visiting professors to talk about their breakthrough research, and students to represent ETHZ in technical festivals. We host researchers, faculty and staff sabbaticals in Bangalore. In addition, swissnex India organises alumni events for ETHZ alumni in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is partnering with swissnex India to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between Switzerland and India in the field of Energy innovation and policy.

Under the mandate agreement, swissnex India hosts an intern from HEC Lausanne. The intern acts as an 'Ambassador' of the school and works on finding academic partners for the school as well as internship opportunities for HEC Lausanne students in India. The HEC interns complete their master thesis during their stay in India.

swissnex India holds a mandate from Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency, the Confederation’s innovation promotion organisation. The core part of our mandate includes offering the Validation and Market Entry Camps for Swiss startups in India. Innosuisse startups benefit from professional coaching in Switzerland and can use our office facilities free of charge during the Camp.

swissnex India supports Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) internationalisation efforts in India and hosts their sabbaticals. swissnex was the facilitator of the academic collaboration between ZHAW and Christ University. We also organise customised visiting programs for the ZHAW faculty in India.

An accelerator program based in the Crypto Valley (Zug), Blockchain Propulsion has partnered with swissnex India to tap into the fast-growing opportunities in the Indian market. swissnex India will enable the accelerator to expand globally by coaching and scaling the Swiss startups in the Indian market. The accelerator program is backed by Switzerland Global Enterprise, swissnex India, the Cantons of Zug and Uri, Greater Zurich Area, and Crypto Valley Association

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