Reconnecting the dots, for a joint research in synthetic biology

During one of our academic outreach tours in 2017, we connected with the Bose Institute in Kolkata, Asia’s first modern research centre devoted to interdisciplinary research, bearing a century-old tradition of research excellence. Prof. Siddhartha Roy – the Director, expressed his interest to collaborate with the best research institutes in the world.

swissnex India introduced Prof. Roy to Prof. Yaakov Kobi Benenson, Head of Synthetic Biology Group at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich – one of the highly-ranked institutes across the globe. Prof. Benenson was invited for a talk at the Bose Institute on the ‘Future of Science’ that year. His talk on “Mammalian Synthetic Biology: Past, Present, and Future” was highly acclaimed.

Bose Institute, at that time, was building a center of excellence in ‘Synthetic Biology’ with DBT grants, and Prof.Roy took this opportunity to discuss a future ‘collaboration framework’ with Prof. Benenson and ETH Zurich.

Realising the potential of their collaboration to win a grant by the Indo-Swiss Joint Research call on Life Sciences, we reconnected the institutes in 2018 and facilitated the submission of a joint proposal. The proposal was accepted and ranked amongst the eleven selected. The project named ‘Next generation advanced therapies for fight β-hemoglobinopathies via rational intervention in γ-globin regulatory network’ has successfully begun its initiatives this year.