Photo by Charles DeLoye

Exchanging knowledge in education, beyond borders

HEP Vaud is renowned for its teacher training courses and educational research across the globe. Having run a successful joint exchange program in India, and also considering the huge number of reputed institutions in the country, HEP Vaud looked forward to expand their collaborations further.

Earlier that year, Mr. Mohit Patel, Vice President at RK University and Founder-Director of The Northstar School, approached swissnex India. The aim was to discover mutual strengths in creating learning experiences, curriculum development and pedagogy, through our Swiss academic network.

As a nexus that connects the dots in science, education and innovation, swissnex India traced similar capabilities between HEP Vaud and RK University. From equipping aspiring teachers with modern teaching and learning strategies to short term professional development programs, both universities aimed to expose their students to the best in the field of education.

With the official signing of the MoU in January 2019 by a delegation from HEP Vaud at Rajkot, the collaboration kickstarted the first project-based teaching at Northstar International school. A joint inter-cultural exchange project is ready to roll-out in January 2020, and selection of trainee teachers for 2019 is to begin shortly.