For companies with an Indian engagement strategy in place, to explore partnerships and investments with startups, and learn from the Indian innovation ecosystem. There will be a keen focus on the latest technologies and trends in relevant domains, where these ecosystems are leading over Switzerland. 

This program not only allows you to scout for trends, but also to build a strong network in India.  

How: This will be a meticulously-planned scouting engagement, spread over a period of 3-6 months. We will review and select up to 50 startups based on your criteria – R&D challenges, level of maturity, technology transfer, etc. Insights will be provided on the sub-areas of focus and on the evolution of the domain in India. 

Based on final value proposition on the table, swissnex will initiate discussions with each of the selected startups, including preliminary due diligence. We will organize 1:1 meetings with the startups. The culmination of the engagement will be through liaising and follow-ups with both the startups and the company for go/ no-go decisions. 

Timeline:  3 – 6 months