INsight – Past Editions

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December 2020
Tis the season to be innovative
September 2020
Shaping tomorrow
October 2020
Thank you for being a part of
our journey
November 2020#LearningTomorrow
June 2020
July 2020Cruising towards a brighter futureAugust 2020
Stay updated to upgrade
March 2020
Opportunities and challenges
with technology
April 2020
Rethinking collaborations in the
time of COVID-19
May 2020
Stop the spread. But never stop
December 2019
Winding up 2019 with
finer initiatives
January 2020
Gearing up for 2020
February 2020
Exploring opportunities beyond
September 2019
Broadening horizons in academia
October 2019
Research to reality
November 2019
Strengthening Swiss-Indian
June 2019
A multitude of platforms for
startups, students and researchers
July 2019
It's the month to explore
August 2019
Bridging gaps and exploring
March 2019
We're bringing you the latest in
April 2019Social innovation takes centrestageMay 2019Conserve to preserve
November 2018
Renewable energy, the bright
December 2018
Wrapping up an eventful 2018
February 2019
Driving change today, for tomorrow
August 2018 Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner
September 2018
Explore new entryways to the
Swiss academic landscape
October 2018
Exploring exciting new ways of
communicating science!
May 2018
More for sure in citizen science!
June 2018

Inside India Industry Internships
July 2018 Creating nodes, connecting
February 2018 Citizen science takes centre stageMarch 2018
How well do you know
your cartoons?
April 2018
How can we resolve water woes
November 2017 Say hello to our new CEO!December 2017 Concluding 2017 with exciting
January 2018Back with a bang in 2018!
August 2017 Watch how we simplified science for all!September 2017 Connecting the dots between
Switzerland and India
October 2017 Switzerland beckons Indian
May 2017 Smart Cities for a Better Tomorrow!June 2017 Join us in simplifying science for all!July 2017 When we simplified science for all...
February 2017Feb 2016 Back with a bang in 2017!March 2017 Enriching learning opportunities on the horizon...April 2017 Take your innovation across the
October 2016oct-16
Swiss Medtech, Fintech, Spacetech startup? India has a lot to offer!
November 2016Nov16
Exciting Swiss projects headed to
December 2016Dec-16
Bidding adieu to an eventful 2016
July 2016July-2016 Explore the do's and don'ts for
Swiss startups in India
August 2016 Aug 16 Showcasing Swiss excellence in
Space Research
September 2016Sep-16
Connecting Switzerland and India in Space Research
April 2016April-2016
Getting closer to our stakeholders, one app at a time...
May 2016May-2016
Explore the swissnex impact in
June 2016June-2016 India is the 'place to be'. Find
out why...
December 2015Dec15
Wrapping up an exciting 2015!
February 2016Feb16
Kicking off the year with cyber
security awareness programs
March 2016Mar16
When we transformed researchers
into entrepreneurs...
September 2015Sept 15
The biggest startup pitchfest comes to Bangalore!
October 2015
Swiss innovation, digital
technologies: mantra of the month!
November 2015Nov-15
Watch how Arts and Science inspire each other!
June 2015June 15 E
It's the month to explore Asia!
July 2015July 15
Think innovation, think
August 2015Aug 15 E
Learn to build your own robots!
March 2015March 15 E
It is the 'month of flying' at
swissnex India
April 2015April 15 E
Swiss higher education takes the
centre stage
May 2015May 15 E
The first 'swissnex' Annual Report is here!
November 2014Nov 14 E
Gaming jam, startup launches…
there's a lot happening @swissnex!
December 2014Dec 14 E
Wrapping up a fantastic 2014…
February 2015Feb 15 E
2015 brings interface of science and art to the fore!
August 2014Aug 14 E
Swiss excellence @TEDx Bangalore!
September 2014Sept 14 E
Have you registered for the Startup Tour Bangalore yet?
October 2014Oct 14 E
Take a closer look at the Swiss
startups powered by swissnex India
May 2014May 14 E
Greetings from swissnex India!
June 2014June 14 E
Urban Subcultures in India: New
revelations & sustainable solutions
July 2014July 14 E
Innovation special:All about starting up in India!