Taking back a bit of India

By Laura Leonardis, Junior Manager – Academic Relations & Projects, February – August 2016

I still cannot believe that 6 months in Bangalore are already behind me. It is in these kind of moments that we realize time is flying way too fast. If I had to choose one word to summarize my 6-month internship at swissnex India, I would say ‘enriching’.

4First of all, it was professionally enriching as I worked on very interesting projects such as Space Week in India and the Swiss Pavilion at the Bangalore space expo 2016, which gave me the opportunity interact and learn from Swiss and Indian professionals, connected by the same passion for their field of expertise. It helped me realise the best part of working with the team at swissnex India, which is, working on different projects from very distinctive fields, going out of our comfort zone, cultivating our curiosity and exploring new sectors.

3Secondly, the experience was personally enriching. With just a few conversations and laughter with my colleagues, I was feeling at home. My teammates were always ready to help, share and integrate us, as if we were part of their own family. The people I met in Bangalore became great friends, especially Nina, my flatmate, colleague and friend without whom my Indian adventure would have had a lack of ‘spice’.

And lastly, I want to include cultural enrichment, as one of the added values of having a professional experience abroad is to discover, work and adapt yourself to another culture. I would say that Indian culture, which is very different from Swiss culture, allowed me to live every day like a discovery. It made me realize the beauty of our world and how much we need to see to grow up.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best experiences of my life and, I keep in mind the smiles of all the people I met in Bangalore and during my travels across India.