SAV-IOL in India

SAV-IOL SA (Swiss Advanced Vision – Intraocular Lens) designs, manufactures and distributes a new generation of intraocular lenses, for cataract surgery with refractive properties, based on an exclusive patent. The intraocular lens (IOL) Instant Focus© (InFo) gives back clear vision to the patient after the surgery. Jean-Baptiste Marceau, Sales and Marketing Manager at SAV-IOL, visited India in March 2016 to meet with potential collaborators and end-users for their product. With the support of swissnex India, Jean-Baptiste met and interacted with CEOs of medtech companies, leading eye care practitioners and opinion leaders in India. Jean-Baptiste describes his experience of an Indian market immersion –

What was the purpose of your visit to India?
Our aim in coming to India was to have a better idea of this big market, to know more about the specificities to take into consideration, to have direct feedbacks regarding the potential interest for our products, as well as the potential pricing range at which we could sell our products and meet various prospects in different locations.

Does the Indian market appeal to your startup? What are its pros and cons?
Yes, Indian market is definitely attractive to us especially in terms of volume, yet it takes time and effort to get there. Therefore, we cannot consider it in the short term. However, I would say that it is a market to explore in advance.
Price and product acceptance is the hardest part and will require a clear strategy before entering the market.

How has swissnex India influenced your journey?
swissnex India made the decision process to come in India much faster and easier. Without swissnex India, it would have been very difficult and time consuming to have the great meetings we had with some of the key players in our industry. They brought the right support to make our trip very efficient and beneficial, thanks to their dedicated team.

What are the key learnings from your short visit to India?
On the more technical side, I would say that we found out the preference for using certain type of technology in India rather than other, which is a strategic point to consider on our side. On the social side, I was surprised how people are easy going, bringing you from one connection to another. It’s a matter of asking, and things get fluid. On the practical side, I would say, have a GPS with you while using taxis.