In conversation with Guruprasad

Bosch shares a list of success stories working with startups…

Why should Swiss startups look at the Indian market?

Corporates in India are co-creating and collaborating to solve local market problems with its humongous market acreage and potential. Technology is increasingly playing a significant role in bringing about an accelerated market entry for many of these endeavors.

India offers a rapidly growing market that is leapfrogging into the future many a time skipping altogether an intermediate step taken earlier by a developed economy. India as well has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world that is fostering an entrepreneurial mindset

How does Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions approach Open Innovation?

At RBEI, our approach to ‘Open Innovation’ is based on the fundamental premise “No one has it all”.  Our Open Innovation programs include working with innovative startups (via our DNA program), Academia (existing collaborations with IIT-M and IISc) and bring together the various stakeholders into structured incubation programs.

What are the main verticals RBEI is working on?

Mobility, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Agriculture, Smart City, Digital etc are some of the main verticals RBEI is working on. Since it is imperative for organizations to be very agile and responsive, in today’s ever changing market conditions, Bosch aims to improve lives of people, by building innovative solutions. We act as enablers to defragment the niche industry areas while leveraging our precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology.

What can a startup expect from collaborating with RBEI?

True to our tag line “Invented for Life”, we at RBEI draw on the Bosch power of innovation to bring about a significant impact and contribution in shaping the future.

Working with Bosch will provide an early stage startup a spurt of fuel via a blend of business and technology mentoring and real world exposures in the form of rapid validation cycles.

Some of our success stories working with startups have been:

Clean Slate: A Mumbai based startup having SDK toolkit for indoor localization applications and asset tracking. Bosch has collaborated with CleanSlate for a smart factory project as part of its Industry 4.0 focus.

Cosine Labs: A startup based out of Bangalore, building voice-based assistance platform for making a home smart. Bosch has collaborated with Cosine labs as part of its Smart Home solutions portfolio.

Achira Labs: A Bangalore based startup developing point-of-care diagnostics solutions. Bosch has tied up with Achira labs as a technology partner in the area of microfluidics for an Imaging platform in the healthcare domain.

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