Meet our new Deputy Consul, Renggli-Frey Silvana!

Renggli-Frey Silvana joined the Consulate General of Switzerland in Bangalore as the new Deputy Consul General. Here’s Silvana sharing her 2020 vision and impressions with us.


How do you see the Swiss-Indian friendship booming in the coming years?

India and Switzerland have for long shared a very special relation. Although both countries are contra-distinct we still share common grounds from multilingualism to cultural diversity to successful pursuit of innovation and development.It is undeniable that the global society is in a constant state of change and the Swiss Indian network aims to find synergies in various realms through smart, long-term solutions. We at swissnex India aim to strengthen this network through our crucial contribution in the areas of education, research and innovation.

You have been with FDFA for the past thirteen years. What inspired you to move to India?

For the past 13 years I have always worked in a consular context. By nature, I constantly look forward to broadening my horizons, which was a great inspiration to take up this position in Bengaluru. Also, the fact that I am moving to India has made the whole decision even more interesting. We (me and my family) received a warm welcome from the people here and that has set a great start to our Indian expedition.

It’s been a month at swissnex India already, what’s your impression and what’s new for 2020?

At the outset of a new decade, the focus for 2020 lies in creating opportunities for innovation in business, research and technology as well as in the fields of governance, art and social inclusion. I look forward to being a motivator to my employees, to challenge, encourage and support them. I will ensure that the Consulate General and swissnex office functions smoothly, and that we as a family work efficiently in a friendly and positive environment. In addition, I will be taking interests in the areas of economy and trade, politics, culture as well as in promoting the Swiss-Indian network.

What’s the other side of Renggli-Frey Silvana, we don’t know yet ?

‘A more calm and composed human who takes her morning coffee seriously’

My life revolves around my family and being together is very important for me. From having a healthy morning breakfast to my husband’s dinner specials, we never miss out on time, we get to spend together. During the week, I enjoy pilates, swimming and walks. Over the weekends, we spend more time with nature and stay in touch with family and friends in Switzerland through long skype calls. I also love reading and immersing myself into a totally different world at times, preferably with historical novels.