Gaming fever continues in 2016…

November 2016, Bangalore and Hyderabad

Every year, swissnex India hosts a gaming night to showcase Swiss creativity and innovation in gaming to Indian game lovers. In 2016, we extended the ‘night’ to a ‘week’ by organizing a Gaming Tour for the visiting Swiss delegates to India’s gaming hotspots – Bangalore and Hyderabad!

11 Swiss game developers landed in India on 7th November for the weeklong tour. The week comprised of two ‘pitch nights’ wherein the Swiss developers presented their games to enthusiasts, developers and investors in India. The exciting games on display were –

Oniri Islands – Oniri Islands is a cooperative adventure game for two players. The heroes are two smart toys connected to your tablet. Move them on the screen to explore the fabulous world of Oniri Islands!

Hell Eluja – A 2-player asymmetrical horror game, using two different devices. The first player plays as the Rogue and wears a virtual reality headset, while the second called Dungeon Master plays on a tablet.

Airships – Conquer the Skies, players construct steampunk vehicles and use them to conquer the world and compete against other players.

Scribb – a computer game in which the physical area scanned by the mouse is an integral part of the interaction.

Spher – An iPad game project developed with Unity. Spher is a game where the spheres are half spheres and the goal is to link two adjacent spheres of the same colour in order to get a full sphere

Cherry Island – War game that takes place on the islands of Cherry, a strategic area between South and North America.

The Swiss delegates were provided the opportunity to completely immerse into the local gaming ecosystems in Bangalore and Hyderabad. swissnex India organized individual meetings with game studios, designers, developers and investors for the delegates. They also had the chance to participate in India’s largest gathering of game developers, the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference 2016.

The tour left an impression on the visiting delegates. Here’s what they had to say about India’s game scene –

1) India has a huge untapped market and that will stay this way for a long time because Indian companies focus into reaching the most people, they forget that 1% of India’s population is still a sizable market, there are still opportunities for small companies to find niches 2) India is trying new forms of education as we do in Switzerland, they also have a huge shift in front of them from engineering to a more holistic approach, this similar to Switzerland where the traditional focus on engineering has started to broaden too and the rift between tech and design begins to be bridged 3) Even if India as a country is huge, the game dev scene is still relatively small and people know each other
Dragica Kahlina
I've made new contacts, met people from different fields, discovered how mobile phones changed game industry in India and learned more about swissnex India.
Mylene Dreyer
Indian game industry is definitely a market to work with. This scene can provide you top level models or software developers. About the local market, the ideas of retribution at Mech Moca or the inovative view of applications by Hike Messenger need to be considered as worldwide solutions not only Indian solutions. What I mean, is I feel that this industry is too shy to go out of India but with outsourcing 3d model company, innovative apps, India can be one of the leader in the worldwide market of the game industry.
Adrien Jeanneret
Independent 3D Developer / 3Dweb
India is its own cultural sphere largely separate from the west. Ergonomics, game length, and social integration really matter for games. The quality of work is very high but getting away from service-oriented business models is an ongoing struggle.
David Stark
Independent Game Developer / Zarkonnen


The tour produced several exciting possibilities of collaboration between the Indian and Swiss developers.

It was an exciting week for the Swiss delegates and for us at swissnex India, as we were able to provide inroads and establish meaningful connections between members of the gaming community in both the countries. Let’s see what 2017 has in store …