If you are an Indian student/ researcher with an interest to pursue a degree/ research in Switzerland, you are in the right place.

Education and Research in Switzerland

Located in the Heart of Europe, Switzerland is not just about skiing and treating your taste buds to delicious milk chocolates. Being the only country in the world with four national languages- German, French, Italian and Romansh- Switzerland is uniquely magnificant for countless other things! The country is well recognized for its international public research centres that highly promotes science and technology. Switzerland also nurtures the growth of private sectors and innovation ecosystems.  Above all, the Swiss higher education system is rightfully considered one of the most flexible and diverse in the world. Did you know, Albert Einstein developed his famous formula E=MC2 while studying and living in Bern? Why miss a chance!

If you are an Indian student/researcher with an interest to pursue a degree/research in Switzerland, please write to academic@nullswissnexindia.org