Alumni meets with virtual treats!

Amelie Bui, Junior Manager – Academic Relations & Projects, January 2017

Fresh into the New Year, swissnex India organized Swiss University Alumni Meet in Bangalore on 16th January and Mumbai on 18th January, giving 2017 a great start! Organised in collaboration with HEC Lausanne, EPFL, ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, the alumni meets took place alongside Geneva-based organization, Artanim‘s,  debut showcase of 3D virtual reality experience, ‘Inside Real Virtuality’, in India .

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The Alumni arrived at the venue and gathered into a room curiously inspecting the stage with 16 cameras set up for the VR showcase. The evening began with an introduction from Caecilia Charbonnier & Sylvain Chague, the co-founders of Artanim, who were touring India with their latest motion-capture technology for a week. Delving into many exciting projects that differentiates their work from traditional VR, they demonstrated ‘Inside Real Virtuality’ with two volunteers geared up with backpacks, VR headsets and motion-capture trackers on thier arms and legs. What was incredible was following what the volunteers were experiencing inside the VR setup on a live projection onscreen.

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There was much enthusiasm thereafter with the alumni taking turns to experience adventures for themselves, making it through the 3 levels of the game within the immersive virtual world. Navigating from one level to the other by finding crystals kept both the participants in the game as well as the audience watching it live streamed thoroughly engaged. The sight of participants physically bending over their virtual obstacles and scared by virtual spiders were hilarious to the onlookers! It’s interesting how much visuals can change our perception of reality and can completely alter what we actually do in response!

And after effort comes comfort! A networking dinner followed with everybody enthusiastically raving about the fantastic virtual world they experienced, and catching up with one other on Switzerland. Apart from the wonderful evening in the company of the Swiss alumni, it was also an opportunity for all of us to experience virtuality like never before. We all look forward to more such meetups and fostering relationships with the Swiss Universities Alumni in the long run.