Program of Activities 2015-16

Dialogue on Innovations and Clean Technologies
11 March 2015 – Ahmedabad

On its around-the-world tour, the Solar Impulse airplane lands in Ahmedabad (10-17 March) and Varanasi (18-19 March). In collaboration with the Solar Impulse team and Presence Switzerland, the Embassy of Switzerland is organizing a high-level policy dialogue titled “Innovations and Clean Technologies for India’s Low Carbon Economy”. The event takes place in the airport hangar under the wings of the solar airplane and explores how Solar Impulse’s vision of innovations and clean technologies can be put into practice in the Indian context.

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‘Birdly’ Flight Simulator – Fly like a bird!
10-17 March 2015 – Bangalore and Chennai

Birdly, a virtual reality flight simulator, which explores the experience of a bird in flight, is showcased by swissnex India and Pro Helvetia. Participants can control the simulator with their hands and arms, which directly correlates to the wings and feathers of the bird. The participant is embedded in a virtual landscape while additional sonic, olfactory and wind feedback intensify the experience. Birdly was developed at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) by Max Rheiner and his team. Their first demo video went viral and the story was picked up world-wide by major technology blogs and media outlets.

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Investment Promotion Roadshow with CEO Roundtables
15-20 March – Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai
7-11 September 2015 – New Delhi, Chennai (tbc) and Hyderabad (tbc)

The Swiss Business Hub India (SBHI) will organize two investor roadshows where the primary stakeholders of Switzerland’s investment promotion program, i.e. the cantonal/regional representatives will participate. A selected group of around 20 CEOs from Indian companies that have an interest in the European market and for whom Switzerland may be a possible investment destination will be invited for the roundtables. The discussions will highlight Switzerland’s strengths in innovation and R&D and related topics such as intellectual property management.

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Innovation Seminars
25 March – Nagpur, 12 April – Pune,
September / October 2015 – Chandigarh

In an effort to reach companies and entrepreneurs in growing cities beyond the large metropolitan areas, the Swiss Business Hub India (SBHI) organizes innovation seminars with the support from the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC). The focus is on enhancing the image of Switzerland by fostering its recognition as a preferred investment and business location. In particular, innovation as a key asset that drives global businesses to Switzerland to conduct their European business is showcased.

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Swiss Vocational Education and Training Day
5 June 2015 – New Delhi

The Swiss VET Initiative India (SVETII) was launched as a pilot project in 2008. The initiative reflected a specific demand of Swiss companies in India for qualified workers. It aimed at transferring elements which were identified as being of systemic relevance to the Swiss vocational education and training system to India. Considered as a success, the pilot project has by now been implemented by a dozen of enterprises. The objectives of the Swiss VET Day are to, inter alia, showcase the Swiss VET model and Switzerland’s expertise in this field; promote and disseminate the Swiss VET Initiative to potentially interested partners in India and present specific initiatives of Swiss skill development in India.

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Enable Makeathon: Ideation for Impact
November 2015 to January 2016 – Bangalore

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its partners are inviting people with disabilities, manufacturers, engineers and investors to join forces and together develop products that allow people with disabilities to overcome some of the challenges they face when living in rural areas and slums. The product hackathon will take place in collaboration with swissnex India, Association of People with Disabilities, India, Dalberg, Global Shapers Community India, Intellecap, Internet of Things Bangalore and v-shesh. swissnex India plays a pivotal role in bringing out strong Swiss ideologies, design expertise and facilitation from idea to implementation of the hackathon as well as the final products.

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Inauguration of the new Climate Change and Development Building
30 September 2015 – New Delhi

The Climate Change and Development (CCD) division of the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi receives a new building on the Embassy compound. The new building incorporates several innovative new technologies and measures that are promoted by own projects of the CCD division. These include the use of new environmentally friendly low carbon cement and various other energy efficiency measures. The inauguration event in the garden of the Embassy will focus on presenting innovations in the building sector.

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TEDx Talks Bangalore
4 October 2015 – Bangalore

TEDx Bangalore is India’s largest TEDx event with over 1500 guests, 6 international and 10 national speakers. In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading” TEDx Bangalore runs the theme of “Challenge _____” with the belief that ‘challenge’ is the overwhelming ethos and narrative that is driving India today. As Swiss innovation partner, swissnex India is bringing two innovative Swiss startups to present and speak at this large conference.

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LIFT Innovation Conference in India
30-31 October 2015 – Bangalore

LIFT Conference in Geneva is one of Europe’s key events on innovation and digital technologies. It features a special blend of inspiring speeches by some of the world’s best innovators, truly interactive workshops, exhibitions of interactive media projects and prototypes to play with. swissnex India is partnering with LIFT to bring it to Bangalore in October 2015. Lift India 2015 will be a one-day event linking makers, artists, startups and pioneers alike to meet and make fruitful connections with the international LIFT community.

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NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2015
05-07 November 2015 – Pune

swissnex India, Consulate General of Switzerland and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council will highlight the Swiss excellence in Game design at the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2015 in Pune, Maharashtra. ‘Swiss Game Pavillion’ at the Global Game Jam will showcase the latest digital games from Switzerland. The conference will also include a workshop by Swiss game designer Chris Solarski and talks by other reputed Swiss game designers.
Our motive remains the same – creative collision of young people over a constructive theme can produce counter-intuitive solutions, especially if organized with the world’s most celebrated social capital – India and Switzerland

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Symposium “Innovate or ©opy paste?”
17 November 2015 – New Delhi

“Innovate or ©opy paste?” is a symposium organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi that addresses the relevance and issues of protecting intellectual property rights (IPR), in particular in the pharma and health sectors. The aim of the event is to engage academics, law- and policy-makers from India and Switzerland as well as representatives from the business sector and civil society in a dialogue on how to protect intellectual property in a way to encourage research and development and foreign investments while taking into consideration the social wellbeing and development of destitute segments of society.

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QUANTUM by Gilles Jobin’s Dance Company
26-27 November 2015 – Bangalore (Chowdiah Memorial Hall)
1 December 2015 – Chandigarh (Open Hall, Capitol Complex)                                                                                                                                      4-5 December 2015 – New Delhi (Kamani Auditorium)

QUANTUM is an innovative dance performance by Gilles Jobin, a choreographer of international acclaim, and German visual artist Julius von Bismarck. Gilles Jobin developed this choreography after his residency at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. It is based on the concept of kinetic movement in particle physics. QUANTUM takes the quark as muse, fusing choreography and installation art into an ode to subatomic randomness. It is a stunning example of the kind of mutual inspiration that can happen when artists and scientists work alongside one another. Next to performances in New Delhi and Bangalore, Gilles Jobin will also conduct dance workshops as well as participate in interactions with the audiences and the scientific community. The India tour is jointly organized by the Embassy of Switzerland, Pro Helvetia in Delhi and swissnex India in Bangalore.

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Swiss Ambassador’s Award
17 March 2016 – New Delhi

The Swiss Ambassador’s Award (SAA) has been recognizing individuals who have stood out for their exceptional role in the society and industry or have contributed to the promotion of Indo-Swiss bilateral relations. Three companies have been chosen for the award 2016 in segments viz., skill training, innovation and R&D. The Swiss Ambassador’s Award was conferred upon Flisom AG, Jivana Vitality India Pvt. Ltd. and Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. at a ceremony in New Delhi.

Le Corbusier: Mastering the Image
4 March 2016 – 23 March 2016 – Mumbai
7 April 2016 – 23 April 2016 – (NGMA) Bangalore

The Embassy of Switzerland brings the exhibition “Le Corbusier: Mastering the Image” to six cities in India. Curated by the Museum of Fine Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) in agreement with the Le Corbusier Foundation (Paris), this exhibition portrays how Le Corbusier considered photography in a much broader perspective: photography not only as a tool for representation, promotion and diffusion, but also as a means of artistic creation. For him, photography thus served both as a means of note-taking and as a tool for experimentation with forms. Debates and panel discussions with Swiss, French and Indian experts will be organized with a holistic view on photography, architecture, and heritage architecture conservation.

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Swiss VET Day 2016
24 May 2016 – Hyderabad

The Swiss VET Initiative India was launched on the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Indo-Swiss bilateral friendship treaty in 2008. Reflecting a specific demand of Swiss companies in India for qualified workers, it was also a demonstration of Switzerland’s interest in positioning its vocational education and training system internationally. The project is considered success and is being presented to a wider audience of stakeholders and potential partners in Hyderabad.

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Inauguration of “Gottardo2016”
1 June 2016 – New Delhi, Mumbai
2 June 2016 – Bangalore

The official Inauguration of the longest and deepest rail tunnel of the world in Switzerland takes place on June 1st. The new 57km Gotthard tunnel is expected to revolutionize and improve transport across Europe, providing a high-speed link between the north and south of the continent. Trains can travel through it at much higher speeds because the new tunnel underneath the Swiss Alps is completely flat and straight. The pioneering masterpiece of engineering is showcased during the inauguration event by the Embassy of Switzerland in India.

“Watt d’Or” Travelling Exhibition
21 to 23 August 2016 – New Delhi

Switzerland is a global leader in energy efficiency improvements and the use of renewable energy, with numerous projects increasing the proportion of renewable energy used, and bringing down overall energy use. The best of these projects are recognized annually through the Watt d’Or prizes. The exhibition features some of these award winning projects.  Switzerland and India collaborate closely in the field of clean energy research. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation also has a large portfolio of projects in this sector in India. In the conference some of these projects will be showcased. A winner of the Watt d’Or and a social startup active in the sector will also present their work. The exhibition and conference will take place within the framework of the 7th World Renewable Energy Technology Congress & Expo.

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Space Week in India
29 August to 3 September 2016 – Bangalore

swissnex India hosts Swiss space startups and researchers in Bangalore for Space Week in India. The one-week tailor made program includes visits to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and key organizations in the aerospace industry, networking opportunities with future collaborators and end-users and participation in the Bangalore Space Expo 2016.

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Smart mobility – Swiss innovations
Swiss session at 9th Urban Mobility India Conference & Expo 2016
November 10th, 11.30 am – 4:00 pm
Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

India is rapidly urbanizing and estimates show that by the year 2032, India’s urban population will exceed its rural populace. This also poses challenges for mobility and transport. Most Indian cities are witnessing an increase in congestion and a rise in air pollution. Switzerland has been able to implement some smart urban mobility and transport solutions. The Swiss session ‘Smart mobility – Swiss innovations’ aims at sharing lessons and exploring how Swiss innovations in urban mobility can be put into practice in the Indian context. The delegation of Swiss mobility experts will focus on the role of public transport and innovative mobility solutions.

Drones at IIT Bombay Techfest
16th – 18th December 2016, Mumbai

As part of the final leg of the Year of Swiss Innovation in India (YoSI), swissnex India facilitated the showcase of flying drones from EPFL’s Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) at IIT Bombay’s annual technical festival, Techfest 2016-17. The drones were presented by Dr. Dario Floreano, Director of LIS, who also educated students on the biologically inspired principles and technologies to improve capability, safety, and use of drones in civilian applications. The drones were showcased at Techfest 2016-17 from December 16 – 18 at the IIT Bombay Campus in Powai (Mumbai) and enabled students at IIT Bombay and the public to discover EPFL LIS, Switzerland’s innovation in aerial robotics.

Inside Real Virtuality – A showcase by Artanim   
15th – 21st January 2017, Bangalore, Mumbai

swissnex India and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council was bringing a unique Swiss virtual reality experience to Shoonya in Bangalore and G5A in Mumbai, as part of the Year of Swiss Innovation in India. ‘Inside Real Virtuality’ – a showcase by Artanim provided a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment – which could be seen and heard through a VR headset – with a real life stage set. Unlike other static position VR systems, Real Virtuality allowed users to become immersed in a VR scene by walking, running, interacting with physical objects and meeting other people. This ground-breaking technology by the Artanim is the only solution available today offering a “matrix-like” degree of immersion over a large area. This work was selected at the Sundance film festival and presented at Cannes Festival in 2016. This project was also awarded the Laval Virtual 2016 award in the category “3D game and entertainment”.

Year of Swiss Innovation in India – 2015-16: Closing celebration
Roundtable: Swiss mobility – Future challenges
November 11th, 6:00 pm onwards
Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi

As the ‘Year of Swiss Innovation in India’ draws to an end, a Closing event will be held at the Embassy of Switzerland to celebrate this successful series of public events, showcasing the many facets of Swiss innovation power in India. Part of the program is a roundtable of Swiss and Indian experts discussing the future of mobility as well as a cultural highlight connected to mobility.
(By invitation only)

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