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With the support our partners, we curate programs for continuous engagement for students, researchers and entrepreneurs. Whether its about supporting young researchers in taking the plunge to an entrepreneurial career, or facilitating internships for Swiss engineers in Indian robotics startups, we co-create programs offering new opportunities to connect with the Indian and Swiss innovation ecosystems.

To be part of our programs, reach out to:

Sébastien Hug
CEO, Consul General / sebastien.hug@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000
Maitree Dasgupta
Head of University Partnerships / maitree.dasgupta@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000 (845390)
Prateek Khare
Head of Startup Partnerships (Coaching & Investor Relations) / prateek.khare@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000 (844955)

Globalstars - Open Call for Proposals
An exciting opportunity to submit proposals for joint R&D projects surrounding health, agriculture and water to be funded between the Government of India and the EUREKA member countries Austria, Belgium (Flanders Region), Finland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.
#CovidSciCom - Perspectives from the Pandemic
Unveiling trends and insights on how Covid-19 has impacted the process of science communication.
India Industry Internships
Exciting opportunities for Swiss students to work in India for a 3-month industrial internship in the fields of robotics and automation.
Innosuisse Market Validation and Entry Camps
Exclusive opportunities await Innosuisse-powered Swiss startups!
Academia Industry Training
Helping researchers, take the plunge into entrepreneurship.
ISJRP 2020
The Indo-Swiss Joint Research Program aims to support R&D projects that advance the implementation of Systems Medicine approaches.
A project connecting Switzerland and South Asia to promote research-based action and education on environmental sustainability and social wellbeing.
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2019-2020
Explore the opportunities for candidates with Indian nationality.
ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships
ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships open doors for students from India, Australia and Singapore to the world of Swiss academia that combines high quality curriculum with innovative thinking.
Swiss it!
The biennial public diplomacy initiative from the Swiss diplomatic network in India for 2019-2020.