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Startups, researchers, students, universities and corporates... take a look at our ongoing programs that you could be part of.


With the support our partners, we curate programs for continuous engagement for students, researchers and entrepreneurs. Whether its about supporting young researchers in taking the plunge to an entrepreneurial career, or facilitating internships for Swiss engineers in Indian robotics startups, we co-create programs offering new opportunities to connect with the Indian and Swiss innovation ecosystems.

To be part of our programs, reach out to:

Sébastien Hug
CEO, Consul General / sebastien.hug@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000
Maitree Dasgupta
Head of University Partnerships / maitree.dasgupta@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000 (845390)
Prateek Khare
Head of Startup Partnerships (Coaching & Investor Relations) / prateek.khare@nullswissnexindia.org, +91 80 4941 2000 (844955)