Organisational Transformation

Allow us to empower your employees to attain their innovation potential over a period of 1 year, by providing support, aligning with your internal intrapreneurship programs. Let’s partner to help your innovators explore new concepts, transformational technologies and design validation frameworks, to help you maintain your position as a high performance, lean and efficient industry leader.


Structure and advisory: To act as a sounding board for your internal programs and suggest interventions (where needed). Create an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of innovation programs, complete the feedback loop and document learnings.

Explore: To inspire and educate through step-out days at incubators/ accelerators and workshops by inspirational entrepreneurs, talks on new technologies.

Validation: To coach employees in drawing out the value proposition of ideas. Assessing ideas against innovations available in the market and effectively presenting them through pitches/ presentations for internal buy-in.

Evaluation of new technologies: To act as a primer, to think of impact and integration of innovation and the channels required for implementing them.

Knowledge roundtable: Sharing of best practices and evaluating possibilities of collaboration with companies, startups or universities on topics surrounding innovation.   

Timeline: 1 year