We’re open to newer formats and platforms too

At swissnex India, we believe that being agile is the key to excelling in today’s fast-evolving businesses. We’re flexible to adapt new formats and explore new platforms… whatever it takes for you to win!

Innovation challenge: For companies with an identified need; wanting to maintain communities of interest or looking for out-of-the-box ideas, we can formulate an RFP or an innovation challenge linking the organizational need with benefits of the incentive. We will also create frameworks for evaluation, program structure and communication. And finally, the release and evaluation of proposals received.

Continuous engagement: We would love to host your Virtual Hub, i.e. your virtual outpost to continuously scout for relevant startups, on-demand coaching of Indian startups as well as host problem and solution-based hackathons.

Corporate accelerator program: We can conceptualize and competently run your startup accelerator in India by executing competitive startup outreach, selection and coaching of startups, ensuring feedback loops, hosting demo days and embedded pilot projects with selected startups.

Sounding board:
Our strong expertise and experience would make us your perfect corporate sounding board, for your India immersion. Rest assured, we’ll shape your open-innovation policy and repositioning/ re-branding in India.