Meet this year’s participants’s unique heavy-duty gyrocopter closes the gap between conventional drones and aircraft, for surveillance, disaster relief, and transport air services everywhere.
Daniel Spring
Bloom introduces a new route for the production of biorenewable products and fuels, and offers a sustainable alternative to fossil-based industries and contributes to mitigating climate change.
Gaspard Ky
Miyara Health develops a low-cost, integrated digital health solution, empowering patients by providing them accurate information about health management and disease prevention.
Gayatri Muthukrishnan
MYLEG improves walking mobility and prostheses’ cognitive integration by restoring sensory feedback in people with leg amputation, enabling users to avoid falls, to increase confidence in the device and reduce fatigue.
Giacomo Valle
Riskwolf is the platform that insures the digital economy, using real-time data-driven insights to help insurers in India and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to close the protection gap for the digital economy.
Manjula Pasala
Senopi is leading the wellness and therapeutic virtual reality (VR) for seniors in Europe, with a system that enables nurses to use headsets to easily administer VR experiences and excursions to groups of seniors.
Stavros Skouras
Lyfe develops a 3D scanner for the oral cavity, as an effective way to carry out medical procedures such as identifying the placement of braces or conducting surgeries to repair abnormalities.
Shreyasvi Natraj
Surgeon’s Lab develops and produces patient-specific training models for training surgical procedures and validating new medical devices. The medtech startup aims to improve patient safety via high-end technology.
Fredrick Johnson Joseph
Vesta Biosciences develops a framework for modulating individual gut microbiota fermentation capabilities. Vesta uses a proprietary diagnostic technology that provides customers with personalized dietary fiber supplements.
Thomas Gurry
Vesta Biosciences
WoDens Technology offers a solution to modify sustainable domestic wood to create a new material that has similar appearance and properties as tropical wood.
Elena Nedelkoska
Pragmatech develops the CERVICHECK™ Self-Sampling Kit : For Self Collection of cervical cells for Cervical Cancer Screening.
Anirban Palit
GaitSense develops diagnostics and rehabilitation med-tech solutions accessible for people with locomotion disabilities and neurological disorders of physical disability.
Gunjan Patel
Varinder has developed a technique to convert agricultural waste to energy, solving the issue of rice-stubble burning and pollution.
Varinder Singh
Chitkara University
Chandan Kumar Jha has developed a virtual hand rehabilitation and assessment system for stroke patients.
Chandan Kumar Jha
IIT Gandhinagar
On Point is a Point of care, multi-nutrient digital kit for detection of nutritional imbalance.
Nisha Ramraj Yadav
ICT Mumbai
Khushboo Shrivastava has developed a battery intelligence platform for electric vehicles and energy storage system.
Khushboo Shrivastava
Coulomb AI Private Limited
One-stop solution for the precise tinnitus matching and IoT-based platform for providing multimodal treatment.
Neeleshkumar L. Pandit
Technoceutics India Private Limited
MCLabs develops public safety-LTE based broadband communication system.
Akshay Hiren Patil
MCLabs Private Limited
Dinoj has developed affordable isolation room for burns (AIR-B).
Dinoj Joseph
Preethi A has developed a pelvic floor mesh for menopausal and post-menopausal women.
Preethi A
IIT Guwahati