Making Movement in India

Making or hardware prototyping is a movement that has grown rapidly across the globe in the last 10 years. The reason? – many. But, at the heart of it lies the community model for faster hardware prototyping that caters directly to a) Startups and Innovation in Manufacturing, and b) Education and Social impact.

In India, this was realised by the policy makers and enacted by the government through the Make in India movement. It was launched by the Government of India on 25 September 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India and increase their investment.

After the launch, India received over US$240 billion worth of investment commitments and US$22 billion worth investment inquiries between September 2014 to February 2016. As a result, India emerged as the top destination globally in 2015 for foreign direct investment (FDI), surpassing the USA and China, with US$60.1 billion FDI.

Combined with other initiatives by the end of 2017, India rose 42 places on the Ease of Doing Business index, 32 places on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, and 19 notches in the Logistics Performance Index.

Under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), more than 2441 schools across the country were selected to establish an Atal Tinkering Lab. These labs are dedicated works spaces where students (Class 6th to Class 12th) learn innovation skills and develop ideas that will go on to transform India. The labs are powered to acquaint students with state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, robotics & electronics development tools, IoT & sensors etc.

The Make in India initiative, has become the largest and fastest growing government initiative ever with over 2.1 billion global impressions on social media and reaching an overall fan base of over 3 million on its Facebook page.

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In the upcoming blogs, we will tell you in greater detail about the leading industries and makerspaces in India.