Life Sciences and Healthtech – what we offer

Bringing leading healthcare innovators from Switzerland and India together will not only drive growth and gain new markets for stakeholders, but advance high-quality healthcare at optimized cost globally.

The rising cost of healthcare have been grappling both India and Switzerland. Healthcare costs in Switzerland have been rising rapidly with spends accounting for 12.2% of the GDP while In India, the healthcare inflation is 12-15% annually.

Therefore, focus in both countries are on two types of transformations — the shift to digitisation and value based care.

Complementary partners – Switzerland; #1 in innovation with most patents per capita, industry-university collaborations, and India; a top performer in the lower middle income group, IT, grassroots innovation and innovation clusters.

What we offer

By defining existing gaps and problem statements, and identifying and transferring relevant technologies, research and know-how to fill them.

Knowledge-exchange: Sessions on current trends, best practices, models – business or organizational, ecosystems understanding

Open innovation: Scouting for technology from University or Startups and to facilitate proof-of-concept  

Building transnational eco-systems: Bringing together academia, startups and industry oin biotech and pharma through various engagement platforms (conferences, etc.)

Advanced studies: Summer schools, workshops from thought leaders

Startup exchange: Between accelerators to advance research and commercialisation

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