Industrial Robotics

Structural Design of Force and Torque Sensing (Electronics) for Industrial Robots

To determine the geometry of a beam structure which is used to make a single axis and a 6-axis force torque sensor which can be incorporated into a robot joint or at the tip of the arm. Strain gages mounted on the beams reflect the deflection of the beam which is a measure of the force/torque applied on the beam. The design should be compact, light-weight but rigid, and provide sufficient sensitivity to measure the applied forces/torques.

Responsibilities  Structural design of beam assembly,  material selection, strain analysis using CAD software, engineering design of module

Qualifications – Preferred bachelors/masters in computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

Key skills

Mechanical design

Applied mechanics

Structural analysis (FEM or Geometric Modeling)

Analytical skills

Start date – September 2020


End-effector integrated vision for Industrial Robots

To design and/or integrate a standalone vision system capable of estimating the 3D pose of a part to be picked up by the end effector of the robotic arm. This will include a vision sensor with an appropriate lens and electronics with processing capability of capturing and estimating the 3D pose of the part. The module/system must be able to communicate this data over a standard high speed serial communications interface.


Understand range and precision required of a vision sensor and extent of necessary processing power.

Select the required components for integration into a module that will fit within the end-effector geometry.

Integrate the module, hardware and software, with the robot controller software.

Develop a calibration method for the sensor to obtain accurate images tol be used to detect the part and estimate it’s pose.

QualificationsPreferred – Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Key skills

Experience with vision sensors

Image Processing

Robot Operating System (Optional)


C++/ Python

Linux based dev environment

Communication protocols

Start date – September 2020

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