Industrial Robotics

Structural Design of Force and Torque Sensing (Electronics) for Industrial Robots

To determine the geometry of a beam structure which is used to make a single axis and a 6-axis force torque sensor which can be incorporated into a robot joint or at the tip of the arm. Strain gages mounted on the beams reflect the deflection of the beam which is a measure of the force/torque applied on the beam. The design should be compact, light-weight but rigid, and provide sufficient sensitivity to measure the applied forces/torques.

Responsibilities  Structural design of beam assembly,  material selection, strain analysis using CAD software, engineering design of module

Qualifications – Preferred bachelors/masters in computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

Key skills

Mechanical design

Applied mechanics

Structural analysis (FEM or Geometric Modeling)

Analytical skills

Start date – September 2020


End-effector integrated vision for Industrial Robots

The project is geared towards improving the autonomous ability of the robots. They have autonomously driving robots in hotels, offices and airports. Invento is looking to enhance the algorithms and have the robots work well in a fleet.

Responsibilities – Work with the tech team in developing algorithms, integrating with existing software and testing the product in customer locations.

Qualifications – Engineering degree with programming experience and experience working with Robot Operating System (ROS) with Python.

Key skills

Strong expertise in Python

Ability to design conversations through NLP engine

Ability to build software features with European customer behaviour in mind

Start date – September 2020

Systemantics is an Industrial Robots Maker based out of Bangalore, India. They provide “Sensible Robotics” that changes the economic paradigm & simplifies user experience through patented design innovations.