Hear it from Vijay Ramachandran, Alumni Ambassador

Born and brought up in ‘namma bengaluru’, Vijay completed his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and worked for erstwhile Satyam’s Engineering Services division for the Airbus A380 project. Working in Hamburg and Toulouse, convinced him to pursue his higher studies in the German speaking part of the world. He completed his MBA in International Business from St. Gallen University. Currently, working for Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations Consulting practice in Bangalore, he focus on solutions like Digitization Strategy, Business Transformation, Change Management, Cost Optimization among others for the Telecom – Media – Technology (TMT) sector.

The Swiss Experience

When I think of Switzerland, what comes to mind are the trips to Lake Constance and Appenzell, heading to Seeger for food and drinks, and evening walks beside Zurich lake.

Switzerland is a small country with a well-connected business community. We could meet CXOs from top Swiss organizations during our course. When you live in Switzerland, traveling across the country, and even to other European countries is easy and convenient. My internship was with Continental in Lindau, Germany, and I used to travel across 3 countries every day – Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Student life at your alma mater

I had an enriching experience during my student life at St. Gallen. We were a small class of 35 students (compared to other similar courses across Europe which had 80+ students on an average), which was one of my primary reasons to choose this course. The course structure was well balanced into 4 terms, with an equal focus on classroom training and work experience. The professors were very well qualified, friendly and really well connected to the business community.

We had a diverse class representing ~12 different nationalities between the 35 of us and it was truly an international business course. From ‘national week’ celebrations (that included movies, local food, and drinks) to poker nights and Aperos, the experiences we shared from across the world, cannot be quantified.

The education was the foundation of a long-standing brand that I am associated with. The course while being comprehensive, gave me a holistic approach to move forward in my professional life. I believe that the time at St. Gallen not only equipped me with the desired technical knowledge but also helped me better deal with situations in my professional world. A truly professional education by a premier institute.