Four key points from our last workshop

The Knowledge2Action Dialogue Workshop mainly focused on how research can come to the aid of
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in a South Asian context, for environmental and social issues.
Two days of brainstorming and knowledge exchange, between the Swiss and South Asian participants
brought out solutions to contextualise research outcomes and promote SDGs. 

Here are four short takeaways, if you have missed attendance!  

#1 Combinado

Partnership models work best for SDGs. More collaborations between researchers, NGOs, activists, policy makers and different UN organizations means achieving the best of both worlds. Watch.



#2 No Tea, No Shade

Is levity ever appropriate in a scientific publication? Well, that’s up for a debate. Meanwhile, researchers often find it difficult to communicate results. Who could step-in? Watch.



#3 Are you hashtag worthy?

It’s a new decade and your digital identity counts. Yes, for scientists too. How do you write a science journal with relevant keywords and influence the #diginatives to repost. Watch.



#4 Still asking Santa for a research grant?

It’s crucial for any researcher to know when, where and how to tap in for funding. Ever thought of innovative financing or how you could engage with private and public sector service delivery? Watch.