Swiss Startups in India

swissnex India has enabled 40 Swiss startups to come to India and explored the potential of the Indian market.

LHS was introduced to swissnex India by the KTI/CTI and we directly felt a great interest and had fast answers. The contact was really professional and useful during the entire process.
Yannick Charrotton
CTO & co-founder / Lambda Health System
"swissnex India is our family; our home away from home. At Minsh, we know that whatever happens, we can always count on them to be there for us and help us out."
Barbara Maim
CEO / Minsh
Vikram Bhatnagar
CEO & Founder / Zesscom
Olivier Crameri
CEO & Co-Founder / BugBuster
Simon Bless
Co-Founder & CEO / Pracman AG
Philip Sunil Urech
“Excellent. Perfectly organized and well structured and amidst all of it we had a lot of informal discussions as well."
Jon Mark Walls
CEO / GovFaces
Luigi Mantellassi
CMO & Co-founder / dizmo
Jeannine Srivastava
CEO / Majamba
Edouard Lambelet
"swissnex India is the Swiss-army-knife, that every foreign entrepreneur should have in his pocket!"
Davide Merulla
Project Leader / Smart Detection
“I made a great first step of market validation and gained very useful insights. I say excellent and I would recommend it to everyone”
Carlos Ruiz
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman / Flatev
“ It was really useful. We were a bit surprised by how much capacity there is in the swissnex team and how much of a chance there was for custom programme. Awesome work team swissnex. We wish we would have been here a year ago.”
Karl Njálsson
Co-founder & CEO / Shared Electric GmbH
“It’s good to get the feedback from local experts and mentors and learn more about acceleration process.It definitely helped me gain an insight about the local market”
Ramesh Thoranaghatte
Jean-Marc Breguet
“A must-have for any Swiss start-up looking to settle in India/Bangalore as it puts in perspective the different kind of ways there is to enter India’s market.”
Frederic Andreae
"swissnex India opened up many doors for IDEAO in India. They have an awesome team - friendly and extremely helpful. A go to partner for every Swiss startup exploring Indian market. We are very happy to associate with them."
Dr. Shashi Bobba
Founder & CEO / IDEAO
Marc Spaltenstein
CEO & Founder / Sterilux
"swissnex provided a unique introduction to the Startup environment of Bangalore and key network connections for exploring the potential of our biosensors in India."
Alberto Schena
Co-founder / Lucentix