The India Industry Internship, a three month industrial internship program curated by swissnex India for Swiss interns to gain exposure in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics and other relevant fields, is set to begin soon. As we await the first batch of interns from Switzerland, we’ve put together relevant information for the visiting interns to familiarize themselves with their prospective organization.

About Systemantics

Systemantics is an Industrial Robotics on a mission to enable widespread adoption of flexible automation in industry. With the experience of having implemented custom turnkey solutions for several clients, the company has accomplished several innovations in robotics and industrial automation such as under water robots and walking machines. Systemantics is focused exclusively on manufacture of high-quality industrial robots with design innovations that facilitate affordable solutions and a faster ROI.

A Q&A to help the interns understand Systemantics’s motivations and functioning better –

How did the idea of Systemantics come up?
After spending 15 years in the United States, Jagannath (Jugy), returned to India because he discovered the great market potential of building tailored robotics solutions for other companies. Of course, there were already some big companies which were building machines for different types of customers. However, big companies have slower processes and they tend to build standard solutions rather than personalised ones. On the contrary, Systemantics can adapt much quicker and offers tailored solutions to fit best their customers’ expectations. Jugy explained this concept with the following example: Most people probably only use around 20% of Microsoft Word’s features – but still pay for 100% of the software. Systemantics addresses this issue by developing simplified robotics solutions for a fraction of the (European/American) price – offering what the costumer really needs.

What does a typical workday at Systemantics look like?
Jugy usually goes to work early in the morning, around 7.30am. He’s kept this habit from his years spent working in the United States. However, he knows that his Indian employees prefer following the Indian working hours – which means starting around 9.30-10 am and finishing between 6 and 7 pm. Overall, the work timings are quite flexible. He strongly encourages his employees to use public transports or the bicycle, which means doing something good for the environment. A space in the basement is reserved for cycles. The work atmosphere is very informal, it is strictly forbidden to use the word “Sir” when addressing him! Lunch is served at the office in the rooftop cafeteria (only a small fee is asked to make sure that no one wastes food). That way, he ensures that his employees have equal treatment when it comes to having lunch. A 5-day workweek is preferred, even though office is open on weekends if employees want to get some work done. Jugy usually comes in on Saturdays and Sundays.

What is Systemantics’s vision?
The idea is to be able to build robotic solutions quickly, much quicker than big companies. The price must also be competitive, so the company aims to offer personalized solutions to its customers for an affordable price – in other words, the best value for money!

What does Systemantics expect from the intern?
Quite logically, Jagannath expects the intern to finish the project he/she has picked. However, the student should not worry too much – there are brilliant employees who will be willing to help if he/she struggles with some aspects of the project. The intern will always be guided by a mentor. It will be a bilateral learning experience. Most importantly, the student is expected to be self-driven and also very motivated!

What does Systemantics hope to gain from this experience?
First of all, Jugy wishes to bring the egalitarian and professional work attitude that is characteristic of industrialised countries. Moreover, he would like to understand in detail the process and mindset that led to the renowned precision engineering in Switzerland. He thinks that unfortunately, less importance is given to detail in India in comparison with Switzerland.

Interesting facts –
– There are around 28 permanent employees in the company. This number can go up to 35 when the company hosts several interns at the same time.
– Jugy is very fond of sport, for instance ultramarathon and cycling. It occasionally happens that a group of employees go cycling on Sundays – an example of the company’s great team spirit.

We hope this information prepares and motivates the prospective interns. If you have more questions for us, drop a line to (students of HEIG Vaud) and (students of ETH Zurich & NTB Buchs).