Achira Labs

The India Industry Internship, a three month industrial internship program curated by swissnex India for Swiss interns to gain exposure in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics and other relevant fields, is set to begin soon. As we await the first batch of interns from Switzerland, we’ve put together relevant information for the visiting interns to familiarize themselves with their prospective organization.

About Achira Labs

Achira Labs Pvt. Ltd. is startup in the area of medical diagnostics developing proprietary lab-on-chip platforms to deliver medical affordable testing closer to the patient. Their vision is to develop healthcare solutions that empower patients and doctors with convenient and timely access to accurate medical testing in under-served markets.

Through a Q&A, we bring out some insights into the startup and what you can expect during the internship –

How did the idea of Achira Labs come up?
“1 in 4 Indians are not able to afford blood testing” – this is one of the reasons why the start-up Achira Labs was founded. The CEO and co-founder Dr. Dhananjaya Dendukuri – who received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT – returned to India to be in close proximity to the Indian market. The decision to reside in Bangalore lies in the high investor activity. As Bangalore is an important hub for high-tech industries with many investors, it offers a favourable environment to launch a med-tech start-up.

What does a typical workday at Achira Labs look like?
The usual workday starts at 9. Working in labs, manufacturing and R&D means that few employees are sitting at the computer the whole day. The team of around 35 employees with an average age in the late-20s eats together in the canteen – mostly Indian food! In an informal setting, a lot of exchange between different teams happens.

What is Achira Labs’ vision?
Achira Labs envisions healthcare solutions which empower patients and doctors in a modern world – by means of accessible, affordable and efficient medical blood testing. Therefore, the social aspect plays an important role.

What does Achira Labs expect from the intern?
The ideal intern should be curious, eager to learn and able to communicate with the co-workers. Due to the immersion in a different culture, open-mindedness is of great importance. Though the internship only lasts 3 months, the student should work with a goal-oriented approach. From a technical point of view, strong abilities in mechanical engineering are desired.

What does Achira Labs hope to gain from this experience?
Achira Labs hopes that interns achieve to deliver prototypes and proof of concepts while embodying Swiss precision engineering.

A few more interesting tidbits
– Achira Labs has experience in hosting interns from India, Singapore, USA and even Belgium.
– Achira Labs has ongoing collaborations with many academic institutions such as MIT.

We hope this information prepares and motivates the prospective interns. If you have more questions for us, drop a line to (students of HEIG Vaud) and (students of ETH Zurich & NTB Buchs).