Several Swiss universities have signed mandates with us to establish academic collaborations with institutions in India. Take a look at our mandate partners and the support we ...

Academic Mandates

Being a public-private entity, swissnex India offers collaboration on the basis of mandates with Swiss academic partners. Mandates enable us to organise one or two week programmes for visiting delegations to identify potential academic & research partners, support in organisation of summer and winter schools in India, networking events and workshops with potential Indian academic and non-academic partners, foster and support ongoing collaborations, identify & empower participation of the faculty at international conferences/events in India and host student ambassadors of the universities & guide them in achieving their university goals in India.

Our current academic partners (in alphabetical order) are –

DGES, Canton of Vaud

We represent the interests of Director General of
Higher Education of the Canton of Vaud (DGES) in
India by supporting DGES collaborators in identifying
partners, making new partners and following up on
ongoing collaborations in India.
ETH Zurich

We enhance the presence of ETHZ in India by inviting professors to talk about their breakthrough research,
and students to represent ETH in technical festivals.
We host researchers and faculty for sabbaticals in
Bangalore and host ETHZ alumni events.

swissnex India supports EPFL in organizing ‘Academia
Industry Training Camp’ in India in coordination with
SINE, IIT Bombay (nominated body by the
Department of Science & Technology (DST),
Government of India).
Gerbert Ruf Stiftung

For 2017-18, Gebert ruf Stiftung will partially support the ‘engineer in residence’ program run by swissnex
India. Under this program, selected engineering
students from the Swiss Universities of Applied
Sciences (UAS) will receive travel grant and monthly
allowance during their residency in India.
HEC Lausanne

Under the mandate agreement, swissnex India hosts
an intern from HEC Lausanne who acts as an
'Ambassador' of the school and works on finding
academic partners for the school as well as internship
opportunities for HEC Lausanne students in India.
The intern completes his/her master thesis in India.

In 2016, swissnex India received a mandate from
swissuniversities to organise a one-week study tour
for a 10-member faculty delegation from the
universities of applied sciences (UAS) in India
(Bangalore & Chennai) on the theme ‘Smart Cities’.
University of Zurich (UZH)

We support UZH in organizing lectures, workshops
with partner institutions in Bangalore, New Delhi and
Mumbai. This mandate also includes having a shared
intern from the University of Zurich at swissnex

swissnex India supports ZHAW internationalization
efforts in India and hosts sabbaticals. swissnex India
was the facilitator of the academic collaboration
signed with Christ University and supports visiting
winter schools. We also organize customized visiting
programs for ZHAW faculty in India.

In 2015 and 2016, EHL and swissnex India agreed on a mandate wherein EHL will send a student to
swissnex India for a six month internship. During the stay in Bangalore, the EHL student will dedicate 50% of his/her time to promote EHL in India & Bangladesh and the other 50% to assist swissnex India.


We are open to discussing new mandate possibilities. Please contact

Maitree Dasgupta
Head Academic Relations and Projects /