Our focus areas

Explore how synergies in the field of Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Data, Lifesciences and Healthtech can help shape the future.

Focus areas

In keeping with our passion for driving change today, for tomorrow, we have selected core thematic areas that are the emerging topics for research and innovation in Switzerland and India. We are engaging Swiss and Indian players on upcoming topics within Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Data, Lifesciences and Healthtech, to enable co-creation of technologies and solutions that would shape the future.

Read on to know what we do in each domain.

Renewable Energy

India has ambitious plans for its renewable energy sector. It aims to increase its renewable energy capacity to 175 GW by 2022, and has set a year-to-year target to achieve this goal. By 2030, India plans to generate 40% of its total energy requirement through eco-friendly sources. Switzerland has expended tremendous effort through R&D and capital into devising new solutions in the adoption of green technologies. It has achieved great strides in this effort with its cities being the cleanest and the least polluted among the world. 

swissnex India sees great potential in bringing together Switzerland’s innovation and India’s ambition in clean energies. We offer a platform for Swiss and Indian energy experts to connect, exchange best practices, share knowledge, transfer technologies, collaborate to innovate, and co-create a green future.



The future belongs to startups that are introducing disruptive technology. Deeptech startups, an industry terminology used to refer to startups founded on scientific discoveries and engineering innovations that are rich in IP, AI, ML and deep learning dominance, have seen a steep incline over the past few years globally. This trend has seen its way into India. The AI industry in India alone is estimated at a value of $180 million.

Switzerland has been regarded as one of the leading deeptech nations in the world with a strong talent pool and access to capital. India’s global strength in technology production and consumption makes it the market for Switzerland to scale.

Life Sciences & Healthtech

swissnex India invites leading stakeholders from Switzerland and India in healthtech to connect and collaborate with one another, through platforms created by us.

Connect with our in-house expert to explore the Swiss and Indian research and innovation markets: swetha.suresh@swissnexindia.org.