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Explore how synergies in the field of Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Data, Lifesciences and Healthtech can help shape the future.

Focus areas

In keeping with our passion for driving change today, for tomorrow, we have selected core thematic areas that are the emerging topics for research and innovation in Switzerland and India. We are engaging Swiss and Indian players on upcoming topics within Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Data, Lifesciences and Healthtech, to enable co-creation of technologies and solutions that would shape the future.

Read on to know what we do in each domain.


Bringing together Swiss and Indian technologies, innovations and key players in the energy sector.

“India is the fastest growing energy consuming nation and will be a key driver of global energy demand over 25 years.” – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

India has ambitious plans for its renewable energy sector. It aims to increase its renewable energy capacity to 175 GW by 2022, and has set a year-to-year target to achieve this goal. By 2030, India plans to generate 40% of its total energy requirement through eco-friendly sources. Switzerland has expended tremendous effort through R&D and capital into devising new solutions in the adoption of green technologies. It has achieved great strides in this effort with its cities being the cleanest and the least polluted among the world. Solar Impulse, a round-the-world flight powered entirely by solar energy, is an example of the pioneering innovation undertaken by the country in protecting the environment.  

swissnex India sees great potential in bringing together Switzerland’s innovation and India’s ambition in clean energies. We offer a platform for Swiss and Indian energy experts to connect, exchange best practices, share knowledge, transfer technologies, collaborate to innovate, and co-create a green future.

“With its aim to be one of the frontrunners in shaping a greener future, India has become an important partner for Switzerland in the field of energy and climate policy.” – Doris Leuthard, President of Switzerland

Our energy program aims to engage Swiss and Indian energy stakeholders from startups, SMEs, academia, government and private sectors on the following core areas –

– Renewable Energy

– Energy Efficiency

– Energy Storage

– Electric Vehicles

– New materials

– Mini – Hydro


Empowering Swiss innovation in India’s digital economy.

“With the help of Indian technical and economic cooperation, 160 nations have improved their infrastructure.” – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

The revenue of the Indian ICT (information and communication technology) sector is expected to reach about USD 225 billion by 2020 on account of increasing internet penetration. Indian IT’s core competencies and strengths have attracted significant investments from major countries. Leading Indian IT firms are diversifying their offerings and showcasing leading ideas in blockchain, artificial intelligence to clients using innovation hubs, research and development centers, in order to create differentiated offerings. Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) are collectively expected to offer greater opportunities. Cloud represents the largest opportunity under SMAC, increasing at a CAGR of approximately 30 percent by 2020.

India’s global strength in technology production and consumption makes it the right market for Switzerland to explore. We’d love to catalyse your India plans if you are from a Swiss startups, academia or the government, working on the following core areas –

Data: Big Data, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Supply Chain (blockchain), and Digital Commerce

Digital Media and Communications: Education (Edtech), Content (streaming/ on-demand), Interactive and Digital Social Tools

Geomatics: Remote sensing and imaging/ mapping/  tracking

Electronics: Hardware Design, Manufacturing and Machine to Machine Communications with IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning including Robotics

Life Sciences

swissnex India invites leading stakeholders from Switzerland and India in the lifesciences and healthtech domains to connect and collaborate with one another, through platforms created by us.

Connect with our in-house lifescience expert to explore the Swiss and Indian markets: swetha.suresh@swissnexindia.org.