Women Entrepreneurship – Is it that different in India?

Upcoming webinar on ‘Making Swiss Startups India Ready’

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June 24, 2015 from 9:00 am to 9:45 am


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Through the next webinar on ‘Making Swiss startup India ready’, we address the question – ‘Women Entrepreneurship – Is it that different in India’.  The speaker for the session is Melanie Martinelli, who will talk about her experience of starting up in India as a Swiss woman entrepreneur.

Melanie received her degree in International Business Management through a four-year course conducted in German, French and English in the three neighboring countries of Germany, France and Switzerland. In 2004 her award-winning thesis “Managing Cultural Differences – A Key To Successful Offshore Collaboration,” led to her joining a Bangalore-based offshore product engineering company. After a three year stint in International Sales and Account Management, Melanie together with her colleagues, founded C2C Consulting & Training Pvt. Ltd. Today C2C is a global Organizational Development (OD) company with offices in India, China, Singapore and the US. Melanie is also a frequent university lecturer for Cross Cultural Teamwork, Communication and Negotiation in France, Germany and Switzerland. Known for her passion, expertise and attention to detail, she is also in demand as a regular speaker at numerous conferences.
Melanie Martinelli
Co-Founder / C2C Consulting & Training Pvt. Ltd.