Swiss Speakers at EMBO ‘Bacterial Morphogenesis’ Conference

swissnex India powers Swiss speakers at the Conference on Bacterial Morphogenesis, Survival and Virulence: Regulation in 4D.

Event Details


Estuary Island
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala India


November 27, 2016 3:30 am - December 01, 2016 11:30 am

The EMBO conference on “Bacterial morphogenesis, survival and virulence: Regulation in 4D” will  bring together experts from various key areas of bacterial biology. The conference will broadly focus on basic questions in the field of bacterial biology as a whole, but will have special emphasis on morphogenesis, survival and virulence in various bacterial systems. swissnex India will present Swiss experts from Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences as speakers at the conference.

Main Organizers

Patrick Viollier
Professor – Dept. Microbiology & Molecular Medicine
Institute of Genetics & Genomics in Geneva (iGE3)
Faculty of Medicine / CMU
University of Geneva

Dr Sunish Radhakrishnan
Assistant Professor – School of Biology
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research -Thiruvananthapuram (IISER – TVM)

Speakers and Topics of Presentation

Médéric Diard (ETH Zürich)
“Vaccination prevents inflammation-mediated bacteriophage-transfer between Salmonella spp.”

Melanie Blokesch (EPFL Lausanne)
“It takes two to tango – dual regulation of type VI secretion in pandemic Vibrio cholerae”

Sara Mitri (University of Lausanne)
“The evolution of social interactions in microbial communities”

Marek Basler (University of Basel)
“Using images to understand structure, function and dynamics of Type VI secretion systems”

Matthieu Bergé (University of Geneva)
“ Polarization control system from free-living and obligate intracellular bacteria”

Jan Willem-Veening (University of Lausanne)
“Chromosome segregation drives division site selection in S. pneumoniae

Justine Collier (University of Lausanne)
“Two DnaA-like proteins control the initiation of DNA replication by DnaA in Caulobacter

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