Swiss Opportunities for IT Developers

Opportunity to work on niche IT technologies like Blockchain, Machine learning, Python and Java.

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swissnex India
#26, Rest House Crescent Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India


July 20, 2019 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Asia/India (UTC+05:30)


Registration is free.

A great platform for aspiring developers to scale up their skills and develop their network in the international IT industry! 

iProPal is a platform that connects Swiss/European IT projects to the top talented Indian freelance developers. It helps you connect with clients on a reliable platform, collaborate online and work on mid term projects. iProPal strives to create trusted IT freelancers network and provides opportunities to work on niche IT technologies like Blockchain, Machine learning, Python and Java.

HackerEarth is the Platform Partner of iProPal in India, which is a global hub of 2M+ developers. It is the most comprehensive developer assessment software that helps companies to accurately measure the skills of developers during the recruiting process. All freelancer profiles of iProPal will only be activated after successful completion of HackerEarth coding challenge and portfolio verification.

Come join the conference hosted by swissnex India in partnership with iProPal, exclusively tailored for the  Indian IT developer community in the Swiss IT sector.


Jakeer Mohammad is the CoFounder and CEO of iProPal. After his Engineering in Kakatiya University, Jakeer began his career as a Software Developer in Germany and later worked as the Lead Software Engineer at Credit Suisse, Zurich. After working for many years, he began his entrepreneurship journey and launched iProPal. He aims to help companies set up the right IT teams to build faster and better solutions, and create trusted IT freelancers network worldwide.
Jakeer Mohammad
CoFounder and CEO / iProPal
Nabomita Mazumdar is the winner of 100 Women Achievers Award by Ministry of Women and Child Development, India. She has been awarded various honours including ‘Top 25 Influential Women on Twitter’, ‘Top 20 HR Influencer by SHRM India’ and ‘Top 100 Tech Influencer. An alumna of XLRI Jamshedpur, she is regarded as one of the most prominent voices for Future of work, HR and women and children empowerment in India.
Nabomita Mazumdar
Vivek is a computer science graduate from IIT Roorkee and a programmer at heart. He co-founded HackerEarth in the dorm rooms of college which has changed the way companies assess developers and created a meritocratic platform for developers to find the best opportunities. He leads the technology & product team at HackerEarth and is one of the top tech founders to follow.
Vivek Prakash
Co-Founder & CTO / HackerEarth