Federal Councilor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann launches CTI Market Entry Camp at swissnex India

Read the highlights of the Federal Councilors one day visit to India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore

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May 16, 2015 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

#Complex, #Huge, #Opportunities… These were the three key words used to describe ‘India’ in a nutshell by the Swiss delegates who were present at the CTI Market Entry Camp launch in Bangalore!

On Saturday the 16th of May 2015, Federal Councilor, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann and a group of 40 delegates set out to Bangalore, one of the most prominent innovation hubs, to discover what the city has to offer in terms of education, research and innovation.

The programme included a visit to Buhler AG and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore). The interaction at IIM was an eye-opener to the immense opportunities that lie ahead of Swiss tech companies in the fields of Research, Design and Development.

The delegation also visited swissnex India/ Consulate General of Switzerland  where the Federal Councilor officially inaugurated the CTI Market Entry camp India, along with H.E. Dr. Linus von Castelmur (Ambassador of Switzerland to India and Bhutan), Balz Strasser (CEO swissnex India, Consul General), Walter Steinlin (President Commission for Technology and Innovation).

Walter Steinlin narrated the story of the long-lasting ‘marriage’ between CTI and swissnexes across the world, and how they serve the startups as stepping stones to the enter the world market. Mr. Stienlin also delved in to the unique characteristics of Bangalore’s market size, market sophistication and the ecosystem that best suit some of the aspiring Swiss startups to enter India.

 “Swiss startups have an inherent need for internationalizing into other countries due to factors such as costs, talent, and market size. India definitely offers premiere English-speaking talent, big market size and relatively affordable cost structure. Bangalore has a unique ecosystem that offers nearly everything that takes to nurture businesses and thrive in a competitive environment”, said Prateek Khare, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at swissnex India.

As part of the CTI Market Entry Camp launch, Alberto Schena (CTO and co-founder of Lucentix) and Simon Bless and Purushartha Saini (Co-founders of Pracman AG) presented their products. FC Schneider-Ammann launched ‘Patientdoc.co’ the cloud-based practice management system for doctors by Pracman AG.

FC Schneider-Ammann congratulated swissnex India and CTI for all the collaborative efforts towards making this innovative mission a great success. “Bringing together the innovation capacity of Switzerland and the skillsets and opportunities available and India, must result in a win-win situation. I hope to come back to Bangalore to witness that you have realized the goals you have set for yourselves, just the way you have envisioned”, added the Federal Councilor.

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