ScienceComm’17 India

Learn how to better communicate science through a comprehensive conference on science communication with experts from Switzerland and India!

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National Institute of Advanced Studies
Indian Institute of Science Campus , Bangalore, Karnataka 560012 India


June 30, 2017 from 4:00 am to 12:00 pm


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Does science inspire you? Do you have a lot of scientific ideas and revelations that you want to share with the world, but don’t know how? Do you wish there was an easier and more interesting way to communicate science?

If yes, ScienceComm ’17 is designed just for you!

We believe that science is for all. And science has to be simplified for all. So we’re bringing you a comprehensive science communication conference that will enable you to share your ideas, findings and researches in simple but effective ways. The one day conference will include sessions on Science Writing and Photography, Cinema, Social Media, Data Visualisation, Science and Arts, etc. hosted by experts from each of these domains.

Whether you’re a student, a researcher, an educator, a science writer or a citizen science enthusiast, ScienceComm ’17 will redefine the way you communicate science from here on!


9.30 AM – Registration

10:30 am – Welcome Address by swissnex India & NIAS
Dr. Balz Strasser, CEO & Consul General of Switzerland – swissnex India
Prof. Baldev Raj, Director – NIAS

10:40 am – Evolution of Science Communication in Switzerland, Simplifying Science
Philipp Burkard, Director – Science et Cite

11:00 am – Simplifying Science through Big Data Visualisation
S Anand – Gramener

11:20 am – Speed Networking Session

11.40 am – Break

12:00 pm – 1.15 pm – Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Discovering Science through the Lens
Anil Annaiah – Brand Radianz

Session 2: Science That Trends Online
Sandhya Ramesh – Hasgeek
Nandita Jayaraj – Life of Science

Session 3: Graphical Thinking for Scientists & Science Communicators
Laura Symul – Data Analysis and Visualisation Expert

1:15 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – The Intersection of Science and Arts: Opportunities & Challenges
Boris Magrini – House of Electronic Arts (HeK)

2:30 pm – 3.45 pm – Breakout Sessions

Session 4: Collaborative Product Development – Creating Value from Research
Tej Pochiraju – Jaaga

Session 5: Citizen Science: Joining Silk Threads to Catch the Lion
Binoy V. V – NIAS

Session 6: Biomimicry: Finding inspiration in nature to identify sustainable solutions to human challenges
Seema Anand, Prashant Dhawan – Biomimicry India Lab and Studio

3:45 pm – Break

4:00 pm – The Art of Writing Science
Subhra Priyadarshini – Nature India

4:25 pm – How did we Simplify Science? Takeaways from the Breakout Sessions
Swetha Suresh (swissnex India), Philipp Burkard (Science et Cite)

4:40 pm – Music for the Planet: The right ‘notes’ for conservation
Ricky Kej, Grammy® Award Winning Composer, Conservationist

5:00 pm – Closing & Felicitations

5:15 pm – Networking Apero

Learn more about what each keynote/breakout session entails. Click here to know more about the sessions.

Speakers of ScienceComm’17 India


Philipp Burkard is the Managing Director of Science et Cité and a member of several executive boards on science and culture. He regularly lectures on science communication. Burkard says "I understand dialogue in the broadest sense: it can take place directly with researchers, but after an impressive experience they can also be found at home at the dining table. The importance of science should be present in our world of life. " Learn the many facets, trends and developments in science communication in Switzerland from Burkard!
Philipp Burkard
Director / Science et Cité
Armed with an MBA from IIM Bangalore and a B.Tech from IIT Madras, Anand explores insights from data and communicates these as visual stories. He is a data geek who believes that "Tools are never the concern, the motive and the execution is." Anand's session on ‘(Big) Data Visualisation in Science Communication’ will reveal the many ways in which scientific data can be simplified and visualised.
S. Anand
CEO and Chief Data Scientist / Gramener
A popular name in the citizen science circle, Anil Annaiah works with leading brands across the Corporate & Social Development world. His work from the last two decades has been about conceiving and contributing to corporate & social impact assignments as a photographer, ideator, strategist, storyteller, artist, consultant, writer & filmmaker. Anil’s session on ‘Discovering Science Through Lens’ is sure to awaken the artist in you and inspire you to tell stories in a way it’s never been done before.
Anil Annaiah
Founder / Brand Radianz
Sandhya is a freelance science writer who writes about astronomy and space for various publications, including The Wire, Mint, and Planetary Society. She writes the science blog Telemetry for TeamIndus and is an editor at HasGeek. Sandhya uses various social media platforms for science communication, including Twitter, Quora, and Snapchat. Learn the art of communicating science that will trend on social media from Sandhya.
Sandhya Ramesh
Science Writer / Hasgeek
Nandita is a science communicator and co-founder of the feminist science initiative The Life of Science. The Life of Science is a website run by Nandita and Aashima Dogra that documents the life and work of active women in science in India. The project has used social media extensively to spread awareness about Indian science, start conversations about gender equality and for crowdfunding. Along with Sandhya Ramesh, Nandita will talk about the power of social media in science communication in the session 'Science That Trends Online'.
Nandita Jayaraj
Independant Journalist / The Life of Science
Laura is a data scientist and visualization specialist who’s worked with leading organisations in Switzerland. She holds a PhD in Computational Biology from EPFL and has given workshops on data visualization and scientific illustration for various educational institutes in Switzerland. Learn from her, the design of scientifically accurate and visually pleasant illustrations and animations for academics or journals, using simple tools and techniques.
Laura Symul
Data Analysis and Visualisation Expert
Boris Magrini is a Swiss art historian and curator working at HeK. He has organized exhibitions, workshops and talk series that fostered transdisciplinary dialogues between the arts and the sciences. He regularly publishes on contemporary art in magazines and exhibition catalogues. His recent book Confronting the Machine: An Enquiry into the Subversive Drives of Computer-Generated Art offers an unconventional perspective on digital art and its relation to technology and the society.
Dr. Boris Magrini
Tej has worked on new product development with over 150 SMEs and LEs globally. He holds a PhD in wireless engineering and has worked extensively on wireless communication and efficient microwave processing of materials. Tej leads evangelism and hardware development at Jaaga Sustain. His session will highlight the tools for marketability of science ideas and solutions.
Tej Pochiraju
Binoy is an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies Bangalore involved in the exploration for effective strategies to bridge science with the multicultural and multi-stakeholder societies. He leads the biology education team of the Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx), a joint venture of the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai and MIT, USA and also coordinates Student Scientists activities. Binoy’s session titled “Citizen Science: joining silk threads to catch the lion” will elucidate the pain and pleasure of popularizing citizen science in India.
Binoy V.V
Seema is a Biomimicry Specialist and a practicing Architect in India. She consults and teaches biomimicry approach in the field of design. Some of the prestigious places where she has taught biomimicry include Tongji University, National Institute of Design, Bangalore and Shristi school of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She is the co-founder of Biomimicry India Network, a network which aims to spread awareness and catalyze biomimicry in India. She is also the co-founder of Biomimicry India Lab and Studio, a company that consults and undertakes research in the field of biomimicry. Her session will provide an introduction to biomimicry, a discipline that looks at nature as a source of ideas, strategies and technological solutions to help solve human challenges.
Seema Anand
Prashant Dhawan is the Co-founder of the Biomimicry India Network and Biomimicry India Lab and Studio He holds a degree in MS (Master of Science) in Biomimicry from the Arizona State University, U.S.A, Biomimicry Professional Certification from Biomimicry 3.8, USA., a bachelors degree in Architecture from SPA Delhi, and an MBA from ISB Hyderabad. Prashant has conducted Biomimicry workshops and talks in various institutes. Prashant prefers to call himself an amateur researcher of issues related to sustainable happiness. He will co-host the session on Biomimicry with Seema.
Prashant Dhawan
Subhra Priyadarshini is an award winning science journalist. After a decade long stint in mainstream Indian media, she returned to her true calling - science writing. With degrees in zoology and journalism, Subhra went on to report on scientific developments that are highly relevant to the society. She is known for her ability to combine depth as well as relatability into her writing, and her session on science writing will focus on the skills that aspiring writers will require to become successful science writers.
Subhra Priyadarshini
Editor / Nature India
Grammy® Award Winner, "UN Global Humanitarian Artist" and US Billboard #1 artist Ricky Kej is an internationally renowned Indian Music Composer & Conservationist. Ricky has dedicated his life and music to Environmental Consciousness. Ricky Kej's latest album "Shanti Samsara" was launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Ricky went on to performing Shanti Samsara twice at the UN headquarters in New York among other venues globally. His past repertoire of work consists of 15 studio albums released internationally, over 3,500 commercials and 4 feature films. Ricky scored music for the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2011, which was one of the most watched sporting event in history. Ricky Kej is an adjunct professor at the prestigious National Institute of advanced Studies, Bangalore.
Ricky Kej
Grammy® Award Winning Composer, Conservationist / Shanti Samsara


ScienceComm’17 India is an initiative by swissnex India in partnership with Foundation Science et Cité and National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS).