Robo Revolution

swissnex India and Workbench Projects brings a Robotics workshop where participants learn and build their own robots with Autonomous Systems Lab ETH Zurich.

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Workbench Projects
Halsuru Metro Station, Old Madras Road, Gupta Layout, Halasuru, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008 India


September 12, 2015 2:30 am - September 15, 2015 11:30 am

swissnex India and Workbench Projects, Bangalore are co-organizing a workshop to build smart collaborative robots that could help solve problems in the city.

Participants will learn how to build their own robot and about state of the art localisation and perception algorithms to give it a mind of its own. They will learn how to make their robot drive around using the same techniques used in autonomous cars. They will also get a chance to know the state-of-the-art robotics research taking place in Switzerland and how ETH Zurich, Switzerland is pushing the boundaries to develop cutting-edge technology!

Scope of the Workshop

  • Hands-on experience in building your own robots with the guidance of two PhD students from Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Robotics and AI (Familiarity with designing, prototyping, embedded electronics and programming)
  • Learn about robotics research platforms and programming tools
  • Get a chance to hear about the state-of-the-art robotic platforms and research being conducted at Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

For the detailed agenda of the workshop, click here.

Meet the facilitators of the workshop

Raghav Khanna did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and his Masters at ETH Zurich where he was awarded the ETH Medal for building a novel thermal energy storage for solar power during his masters thesis. He is currently a graduate student at the Autonomous Systems Lab under the guidance of Professor Roland Siegwart where he works on using autonomous aerial vehicles and data analysis to map farms and help farmers produce more and better quality crops with less chemical input, as part of the Flourish European Project.
Raghav Khanna
Doctoral student / Autonomous Systems Lab
Anurag did his Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur with focus on Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning. For his Masters thesis, he worked on Visually Guided autonomous quadrotor addressing the design, control and autonomy elements. At ASL, under the guidance of Prof. Roland Siegwart, he is currently working with SHERPA European Project for providing Search and Rescue capabilities to UAVs. He will be starting his work at Disney Research, Zurich in the coming months to build autonomous robots for natural environments.
Anurag Sai Vempati
Doctoral student / Autonomous Systems Lab

Note: This workshop is a joint initiative of swissnex India, Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich and Workbench Projects. To know more about these organizations, please follow these links:

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