Optimising Leadership through OLM

Based on ZHAW’s flagship International Executive MBA program, Prof. Michael Farley brings you a workshop on Organizational Leadership Methodology (OLM): atime-tested methodology recommended by successful leaders across the globe.


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swissnex India
#26, Rest House Crescent Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India


November 29, 2019 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Asia/Kolkata/India (UTC+5:30)


Free. Entry by registration only

Being versatile, innovative and change-ready are the key traits of a good leader. Some are born with it. Some have to work for it. Either way, it’s crucial to constantly reflect on your leadership styles, and fine-tune it to bring out an even better version of the leader in you.

Based on ZHAW’s flagship International Executive MBA program, Prof. Michael Farley brings you a workshop on Organizational Leadership Methodology (OLM): a time-tested methodology recommended by successful leaders across the globe.

Be part of this workshop on OLM at swissnex India on 29th November 2019. Explore how you can influence positive change by honing your leadership and decision-making skills. Also, get a certification on OLM from the prestigious ZHAW School of Management and Law, Switzerland.


Prof. Michael Farley is currently the Program Director of the International Executive MBA at ZHAW along with being the Head of International Development & Projects. Mr. Farley has completed his undergraduate from Bournemouth University (UK) and his MBA from Open University (UK) and pursued his Executive Leadership Development Programme from LSIS (UK). Mr. Farley’s expertise and research interests lie with the ambit of leadership development, business strategy and planning, organisational development and change management, and marketing and communications and international partnership development. In his previous roles, he was the Vice Principal Partnerships and Planning at Uxbridge College (London, UK) and the Principal and CEO of the Tower Hamlets College (London).
Prof. Michael Farley
Departmental Head of International Business / ZHAW School of Management and Law


What is OLM? And what’s the big deal?

Here’s something that you can relate to. On a daily basis, you’re required to take decisions for the organisation, that could have dire consequences if not done right.  Needless to mention, these decisions have to be made under immense time-pressure, with incomplete information, and with uncertain consequences. How can you be at your efficient best during these instances? How can you ensure your decisions will have a positive impact? This is where OLM could play a great role in planning, coordinating, and executing actions within the available time frame.

OLM helps you in creating a:

  • reliable, efficient information gathering and processing
  • a systematic, simple procedure for situational analysis and decision-making (form-based, that’s unlikely to go wrong)
  • a well-prepared staff to manage crises
  • … and more that you’ll uncover during the workshop!


What the workshop entails

  • Theory and Methodology: Fundamentals of Decision-Making (e.g. incomplete information, complexity, uncertainty, false familiarity, cognitive inertia, bounded rationality, illusion of control, etc.)
  • Introduction to Organizational Leadership Methodology (OLM)
  • Walk-Through of OLM Methodology – Case Study
  • Focus on process and content, including management exercises and group work – Get to experience your own leadership approach through an interactive case study.
  • Review and discussion

Participants will receive a certification from the ZHAW School of Management and Law, Switzerland.


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Senior management personnel managing larger teams
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Resource Managers
  • Leadership team members, decision-makers, strategists


How to register?

Fill out this application form by 16th November 2019. The shortlisted candidates will be intimated by 18th November 2019.

Please note that this is a free workshop; but participation is limited to shortlisted candidates only.

Lunch will be provided at the venue.

For more details, kindly reach out to: Gaganjot Kaur – gaganjot.kaur@nullswissnexindia.org.