Neerinusiru: Indo-Swiss Musical Collaboration

Bengaluru Fantastic presents Neerinusiru, an Indo-Swiss musical collaboration between Christina Della-Giustina & Vasundhara Das

Event Details


Chilipili, Rangoli Metro Arts Center
MG Road, Bangalore, Karnataka India


December 17, 2017 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

This performance brings together critical scientific research, creative practice and technology to articulate Bangalore’s water usage in a publically engaging manner. It involves a musical score composed by Swiss artist Christina Della-Guistina based on water research data gathered in joint collaboration between Indian Institute of Science and Stockholm Environment Institute, USA.

Acclaimed singer and musician, Vasundhara Das, leads an ensemble of Carnatic and Hindustani instrumentalists in playing the score, making each note a testament to our water consumption. Research scientists working under Senior Scientist Dr. Vishal Mehta will elucidate the process and need for such research in understanding Bangalore’s urban metabolism in a short talk. The project brings together artists, technologists, scientific researchers and the public in an unforgettable, ephemeral moment, to throw light on the importance of each person’s water usage that informs a city-wide ecological challenge.

Music:​ Vasundhara Das and a musical ensemble of two traditional artists

Research:​ Swiss artist Christina Della-Guistina and ​Dr. Vishal Mehta, Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute, USA in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science Production:​ ​Jaaga

About the artist:

Christina is a Swiss artist based in Amsterdam. She studied Philosophy, Art History, and Linguistics at the University of Zurich. Her trans-disciplinary artistic practice includes site-specific work with live and/or interactive audio, video, and light, performance, composition, drawing and writing. She focuses on translating scientific data from specific sites into artistic notations that are conceived to be performed and experienced in the form of a collective enactment of the site. The resulting performance re-creates the site as a sensory event and calls for questions that cross disciplines about our ways of being with ourselves and the world, including the perception of “the self” together with the site.
Christina Della Giustina