Music in the dark

Swiss artists Sandro Schneebeli and Max Pizio offer an intense experience with sound, touch, smell… except vision. In a surprising role reversal, audience will be “assisted” to their seats by visually challenged persons.

Event Details


Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan
#716, CMH Road, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka 560038 India


November 05, 2017 from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm Asia/India (UTC+05:30)


Free. Please follow the registration process below.

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Bangalore/ swissnex India, the Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Banglore, the Bangalore School of Music and the National Association for the Blind Karnataka present “Music in the Dark” by Sandro Schneebeli and Max Pizio (Switzerland). This concert is presented in the framework of the Italian language week.

In a dark room, without any information in advance, experience sounds, voices, tones and music with closer sensitivity, as Sandro Schneebeli and Max Pizio offer an intense experience with sound, touch, smell… except vision. In a surprising role reversal, audience will be “assisted” to their seats by visually challenged persons. Discover inspiring musical notes from the Italian speaking region of Switzerland – the Ticino region.

Show timings: 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Duration: 60 mins per concert

Registration Process

Entry is free, registration is mandatory. To register:

  1. Write to
  2. Collect your passes 30 minutes prior to the commence of the concert (4:30 pm and 6:30 pm, respectively) from the welcome desk at the Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan, Indiranagar)
  3. Only 50 seats are available per concert. Passes will be distributed on first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Children above 12 are welcome
  5. Usage of mobile phones (light display on the screen) disrupts the concert experience in the dark. Mobile phones MUST BE SWITCHED OFF to ensure complete darkness

Concept: The Swiss musicians Sandro Schneebeli and Max Pizio offer an intense experience for guests with all sensory faculties, except the visual. The guests enter a dark room guided inside by visually challenged persons. Throughout the concert, which includes several string, wind and percussion instruments, one sees nothing of the guest in the next chair, nor the musicians, save the last 10 minutes of the concert.

As Sandro explains that in a complete dark environment, where one has no information in advance on the setting, one only hears sounds, voices, tone and music with a much deeper intensity. Eyes are open but nothing is visible. This gives people the ability to open up emotionally.

About the Artists:

Sandro Schneebeli was born in 1974 in Lugano, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. He studied music at the “Swiss Jazz School” and then began to work professionally as a freelance guitarist, composer and producer. Sandro has performed widely at national and international events and worked on several music projects. He travels frequently and collaborates with musicians from different musical traditions and cultures.

Max Pizio was born into a family of musicians. He received a formal training in music at the Music Conservatory in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and completed his musical education with the clarinet, the Akai double base, flute and drums. Max is also active as a composer, arranger, producer and publisher and defines himself as a “sound designer”. He works with musicians in the genres of  contemporary, fusion, jazz and ethnic music.

For more information on the concerts in Bangalore, please contact:

Performance tours:

Delhi | November 1, 2017, 5:00 pm, 6:45 pm and 8:30 pm at Bikaner House, Pandara House, Near India Gate. Presented by the Embassy of Switzerland in India, the Bikaner House and the Blind Relief Association New Delhi.

Jaipur | November 2, 2017, 07.00 pm, at the Jawahar Kala Kendra; in association with the Jawahar Kala Kendra and volunteer support by the Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh.

Bangalore | November 5, 2017, 05.00 pm and 07.00 pm, Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore. Presented by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Bangalore, in collaboration with the Bangalore School of Music, Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan and the National Association Association for the Blind, Karnataka.

Mumbai | November 8, 2017, 6.00 pm and 08.00 pm, G5A Black Box, G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. Presented by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai in collaboration with the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture and Happy Home and School for the Blind, Mumbai.

Celebrating the Italian Language in Switzerland: TICINO!

A rich blend of past and future, tradition and innovation, north and south, mountains and plains, nature and culture, city and country, food and food – that’s Ticino in a nutshell. If you want la dolce vita, search no more – it is waiting for you in the numerous sub-tropical parks, gardens, piazzas and cafés. If you crave excitement, take a whitewater ride. And if you prefer cultural pursuits, they’re available at every turn. Romantic landscapes have always attracted poets and artists and inspired architects to come up with stunning constructions.

(Text Credit: Switzerland Tourism)

Support for visually impaired persons in Switzerland

There is an estimated 325,000 visually impaired people living in Switzerland, of which 10,000 are blind. The majority leads successful professional and family lives. Swiss companies are not bound by law to employ differently-abled people. Yet, it is encouraging that three fourth of them are engaged professionally as full-time or part-time work force. The public administration on federal, cantonal and communal level too promotes work relationships with handicapped people including the blind and visual impaired. Employees in Switzerland are insured in the Swiss disability insurance. In case of becoming visually impaired or blind, a person gets support to adapt to the new situation in to keep up his or her autonomy.