Lift India 2015

Lift India brought together the best of Swiss & Indian digital technologies through inspiring speeches, interactive workshops, an innovation night with top Swiss startups and an exhibition showcasing interactive projects and prototypes. Here’s a pictorial recap of the day.

Event Details


National Gallery of Modern Art
49, Palace Road, Manikyavelu Mansion, Bangalore, Karnataka 560052 India


October 31, 2015 from 4:30 am to 1:00 pm

swissnex India and LIFT celebrated the Year of Swiss Innovation in India with a special international event in Bangalore: Lift India

Lift India was a key international event on global technology and innovation trends. It was a one day conference with inspiring speeches and interactive workshops, a Swiss Innovation Night cocktail featuring top startups coming out of Swiss labs, an exhibition of interactive media projects and a discovery tour of the key innovative hubs in the areas of Bangalore and Mumbai.

Lift India brought together the most inspiring and disruptive pioneers and thought-leaders in India to collaborate on finding new technological solutions with social impact. Seeking to grow the Lift community and scout new technology opportunities in global innovation hubs, India is a key destination for Lift and its community of pioneers.

Piloted by Abir Oreibi, who spent 9 years as Business Development Manager for Inc in South-East Asia and Europe, Lift is an international platform connecting innovators worldwide and showcasing their work throughout continents. On top of welcoming more than 2’000 people each year in conferences in Switzerland, France, China and India, Lift collaborates on open-innovation projects such as Data Canvas: Sense Your City, presented this year in Bangalore in collaboration with swissnex India.

In 2015, Lift came to India to meet the most active communities in Bangalore and Mumbai, and scout the best projects and speakers to bring to its flagship event in Geneva: Lift16.

Swiss startups at Lift India

Aprobado Studio
Aprobado is a studio of Swiss interactive designers, working on shortening the distance between the user and the virtual creations, through augmented reality, face recognition and more. Raphael will present their latest project, CityCells, an augmented reality app to visualize pollution data.

BestMile software acts as a brain, a remote intelligence for autonomous vehicle fleets that enables them to be operated consistently according to the standards of public transportation.

Émoi, presented by Soraia Binzagr, Founder
émoi automatically translates emotions from a recording of your voice into a delicious box of chocolates to give to your loved ones.

Fotokite was born with one mission: making aerial photography accessible to everyone. Thanks to their drone on a leash, journalists and enthusiasts alike can now film everything from above in a seamless way.

Goodwall helps youngsters take the right steps to get into the universities of their dreams and achieve their life goals through expert coaching and an international community of career experts.

Nanolive has developed a disruptive technology which, for the first time ever, allows users to explore the inside of a living cell in 3D – in real time!

Shared Electric
Shared Electric develops the next big grid operation that allows users to share electricity amongst the network, making our energy consumption more efficient, social and sustainable.

About the Year of Swiss Innovation in India

For the period 2015-2016, the official representations of Switzerland in India are bringing together the scientific communities, researchers and entrepreneurs of India and Switzerland to highlight what Switzerland can offer in terms of business and technological solutions to the benefit of both India and Switzerland. We plan to facilitate projects and organize events that create a win-win situation for Swiss business, science, research and innovation on the one hand, and India’s development on the other. Think innovation, think Switzerland!

Message from the Ambassador of Switzerland

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