Gridtech Week India

A week long fact finding mission for Swiss grid technology researchers and technologists to take a closer look at India’s smart grid market potential.


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Unnamed Venue
Delhi, India


02 - 07 March 2020 | Delhi

India, with the second largest electricity customer-market size in the world, represents the best smart grid market opportunity among all emerging countries. With the recent 2020 budget announcement, the Government of India has proposed an outlay of Rs 22,000 crore for power and renewable energy sector, starting with the shift to smart meters to minimise human intervention.

swissnex India, focuses on key market segments, to realise potential collaborations between Swiss and Indian energy sector stakeholders. This year, with focus on Grid technology exchange, swissnex India curates Gridtech Week to facilitate fact finding  and networking opportunities for Swiss startups, researchers and innovative companies . During the week, delegates will participate in bilateral meetings and exclusive sessions at India Smart Utility Week 2020.

Know more about the delegates, their company and specific objectives in India. To organise bilateral meeting drop a line to


Jean-Christophe Füeg joined the Swiss Federal Office of Energy in 2001. He is responsible for negotiations for an electricity agreement with the EU, representing Switzerland at the Governing Board of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Energy Charter, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and bilateral energy relations. He participated in Climate Change negotiations. He has led or participated in expert reviews on energy policies of India, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Macedonia, Mongolia, Albania and Tajikistan.
Mr. Jean-Christophe Füeg
Ambassador / Swiss Federal Office of Energy
Since September 2013, Christian Schaffner is the Executive Director of the Energy Science Center (ESC) of ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Before that, Christian Schaffner was with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy as head of the grid section, responsible for the development of a grid expansion strategy and a smart grid road-map. He was also involved in the bilateral negotiations between Switzerland and the European Union regarding a contract on energy supply. He received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and his PhD degree in Electric Power Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in 1998 and 2004, respectively. In addition, he received a diploma in higher education teaching from the same institution in 1999.
Dr. Christian Schaffner
Executive Director of the Energy Science Center (ESC) / ETH Zurich
Veronica Garcia was an investment consultant at Credit Suisse and UBS for Latin American Asset Managers. After finishing her graduate studies at ETH Zurich, she joined the IBM Research Lab. She has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank, IADB and Castalia. Her research focuses on renewable technologies and on quantififying investment needs to reach the country targets for renewable power generation. In 2017, she founded BitLumens which brings solar power and water to rural areas in developing countries using Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology.
Veronica Garcia
CEO & Founder / Bitlumens
Dr. René Schumann is currently leading the Smart Infrastructure Laboratory, which is a research group of the institutes “Energy and Environment” and “Information “. He and his team are working on the application of innovative ICT technologies, mainly in the energy sector. His lab has a strong background in planning and optimization techniques, both originating from the areas of Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence. They have worked / are working in projects funded by the SNSF, the CTI/ Innosuisse , SFOE and are also a member of the SCCER CREST and the JA Mobility (Creation and coupling of a microscopic models for estimating the demand of private households, and their potential reaction to certain policies to create trajections of the future developments). 
Dr. René Schumann
Professor / HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Daniel has been with Sensirion since 2014 in various roles. The company is based out of Staefa, Switzerland. He earned his PhD (Physics) from EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland) and a Master’s in Physics from the Technical University Münich (Germany).
Daniel Rüffer
Business Development Manager / Sensirion AG
Prof Perrod had previously managed projects with SIEMENS, Germany in Global Development Network Strategy where he was responsible for innovation management and collaborative R & D in the HV substations business. Prior to that he led on R&D strategy and collaborations definition and management at Alstom Grid Research and Technology. He also worked on R&D project work in the Network Solutions and Renewables area at the AREVA T&D Research and Technology Centre gist and worked as research and teaching assistant multi-energy systems at the Power Systems and High Voltage laboratory at ETH Zurich. His personal focus is in the areas of electric power systems, especially topics related to transmission and distribution infrastructure: power system automation, control and digitalisation; integration of renewable power; smart metering; AC/DC hybrid systems; Flexibility and grid ancillary services. He also has a role in i) the Swiss Competence Center on Energy Research FURIES (WP3 leader) and ii) the University R&D programme "Energy District 2050" (programme coordinator).
Dr. Patrick Favre-Perrod
Professor / University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Jagdish is Master and PhD in computer science, specialised in computer services, security, privacy, and networks. Since Jan 2017, working in the energy sector to digitise our future electric grids by applying his IT expertise.
Mr Jagdish Achara
CEO / GridSteer
Phillppe has held management positions with Ernst and Young and Merz + Benteli AG and is currently a core member of Gilytics. Gilytics provides a cloud-platform that allows fast and simple identification of new routes for linear infrastructures. Using GIS-data (digital maps) and satellite images, our algorithms enable users to identify routes with the lowest impact on the environment and humans including also economical and technical elements. Our platform allows to speed up the long and complex planning process of identifying new routes by 50% saving up to 5% of total investment costs. In India, they are looking forward to 1. meet with at least three experts in the Indian electricity market 2.Connect to at least one key person from the Power Grid Corporation of India and potentially other power grid operators in India 3. Write a market report on the potential for Gilytics products in the Indian power grid market. 4. Attend the Indian Smart Utility Week in New Delhi
Mr Philippe Bieri
COO / Gilytics
Mr Corbellini has deep expertise in mathematical modelling and numerical simulations applied to the energy sector. He managed and worked on different projects, starting from oil & gas to renewables, specializing in photovoltaics. He is interested in every technical and financial aspect of the energy sector and is currently focusing on blockchain applications to the energy industry, testing an innovative approach to energy communities with a new market mechanism.
Mr Gianluca Corbellini
CEO & Co-Founder / Hive Power