Symposium on 18 April 2015 at swissnex India.

Event Details


swissnex India
#26, Rest House Crescent Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001 India


April 19, 2015 from 4:30 am to 12:30 pm

Symposium is organized by FOA-FLUX in cooperation with swissnex India and Srishti, School of Art, Design and Technology.

Guest speakers
Tanveer Ajsi (India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore) | Lee Chun Fung (Wooferten Hong Kong) | Jørgen Knudsen (Open Source Art, Norway) | M.P. Leung (Baptist University Hong Kong) | Michael Leung (Hong Kong Honey) | Archana Prasad (Jaaga, Bangalore), Suresh Samuha (Bangalore).

The Symposium

Currently we are witnessing profound shifts in how art is understood, discussed, and practiced. The effects of these shifts create an antagonistic image if art practice and art discourse are considered. Whereas contemporary art discourse has been driven into a state of disarray, art practice has rapidly expanded its importance, capacity, and possibilities. Art practice now co-inhabits an increasing number of other disciplinary and societal domains. Its purpose—to inform and enrich everyday life, social processes, and scientific fields—has become enormous and is still expanding.

Experience & Knowhow Sharing
Focusing on how art strategies inform and enrich everyday life, social processes, and scientific fields; foster change and maintain traditions; enrich, transfer, and produce knowledge within transdisciplinary settings—FOA -FLUX is interested in a comparative experience and knowhow sharing and exchange.

• Who is involved?
• What role do the artistic strategies play?
• What kind of art strategies, formats and forms are used?
• Which issues are raised, transformed, introduced and/or produced?
• Who benefits directly and indirectly of the project?
• Who started the project?
• Why was it started?
• What is the output?
• How is the project sustainable?

Project presentations and moderated discussion rounds with allotted discussants and all participants.

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