Are you ready for the (r)evolution?

From test tubes to terabytes driven healthtech

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Cyberabad Post Office, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081 India


18-2-2020, 9.30 am to 10.30 am


By Invite ONLY

Session objective: 
Digitalisation continues to transform healthcare at its core. Take inspiration from the bold strategic moves of key healthcare players, how they ready themselves rethinking business, capabilities and fostering a long-term innovation mindset. 

Being digital is imperative as the only way to keep pace with mounting complex real-world evidence from data sources like environment, genomic information, healthcare financing and social patterns. Harnessing digital innovation demonstrates differentiated health and economic outcomes. Despite this, the lifesciences industry has been slow in transforming from doing digital to being digital. Even large organisations are digital only in specific areas like patient engagement, product development life cycle, financing – given the complexity of operationalising a digital strategy.

Come join us in this unique forum with cross industry experts sharing their early successes and challenges of being digital in clinical development, IP, implementable use cases for AI and finally, the Swiss government’s perspective on the volume, velocity and variety of digital health.

Session Chairs: 

Mr. Sebastien Hug, CEO swissnex India and Consul General of Switzerland

Ms. Sarojini Vasant, Investment Promotion Advisor – Swiss Business Hub, India 


Dr. Swetha Suresh, Head Innovation Partnerships, swissnex India


Dr. Philipp Marchand, Patent Attorney, Vossius and Partner – IP strategy and portfolio management for a new era of shared innovation

Dr. Margrit Leuthold, Deputy Director, Future health technologies program, Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) – Driving research from developing new mobile digital health technologies to assess their clinical and cost efficacy in clinical trials.

Mr. Vijay Kumar, Head – Strategic Marketing & Innovation, Roche Diagnostics – Early successes in digital applications for clinical development and patient engagement.

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