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Energy – What we offer

“With its aim to be one of the frontrunners in shaping a greener future, India has become an important partner for Switzerland in the field of energy and climate policy.” – Doris Leuthard, President of Switzerland

Our energy program aims to engage Swiss and Indian energy stakeholders from startups, SMEs, academia, government and private sectors on the following core areas –

– Renewable Energy

– Energy Efficiency

– Energy Storage

– Electric Vehicles

– New materials

– Mini – Hydro

If you are a Swiss organization keen on exploring India’s energy market or an Indian organization interested in learning what Switzerland has to offer, we can help you every step of the way. Find new partnerships and solutions through our ongoing services and activities:

Access to relevant information

We keep you informed on the latest trends and developments in Switzerland and India. This includes key developments in the clean energy segment, events and activities that can provide higher visibility in the India market, collaboration opportunities for tech and knowledge transfer, key players, industry associations, VCs, government and influencers, and an understanding of partnership models best suited to the needs of Swiss and Indian players for knowledge and tech transfer.

Access this information through monthly e-mailers and virtual sessions with our team. To receive communication from us or to connect with a team member, drop a line to gaganjot.kaur@swissnexindia.org.

Immersion into the Indian market

Through industry visits, study tours, workshops, roundtable discussions and customised options, we will enable energy stakeholders from Switzerland to understand the Indian market and it’s needs, find solutions or partnerships from within and create concrete action plans for expansion into the market. A curated program for market immersion will enable Swiss players to get a true sense of its intricacies and engage with the main actors within India’s energy segment, build a network and enhance visibility for themselves.

If you are a Swiss startup/ SME/ corporate/ government organization seeking to enter the Indian market through us, apply here.

Building your network in Switzerland and India  

To foster new connections and bring about possibilities of collaboration, we will create networking platforms for stakeholders from Switzerland and India. This could through

connections with key industry players or via platforms that provide networking opportunities, access to industry experts and exclusive knowledge sessions.

To be a member of the swissnex energy network, send us your details.

If you are an active member of Switzerland or India’s energy segment, we would love to hear from you. Drop a line to maitree.dasgupta@nullswissnexindia.org.