Get updated on the latest trends and strategic partnership models with Indian higher education institutions in our exclusive report for Swiss universities.

India Education Trends 2020

Over 80 percent of our Swiss university stakeholders approach us with one question – how do we identify the right academic or university partner in India? This is quite understandable given that currently, India has 935 universities and 95 institutions of national importance. This carefully drafted report by swissnex India titled, ‘Emerging models of collaborations with Indian higher education institutions’ provides key industry insights and suggests strategic partnership models.

The report aims to provide Swiss universities with insights on emerging university partnership trends and newer collaboration models. Based on swissnex India’s experience, we will provide a set of criteria/ guidelines to identify an Indian institutional partner. The report also talks about different collaboration frameworks that can put forward new-age collaborations including in the sphere of online and blended learning.


Key Takeaways

–       Criteria for educational partnerships

–       Education industry insights

–       Emerging collaboration models

–       Accessing Indian innovation ecosystem

–       Online | blended education




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