Digipharm has developed the first blockchain platform for value-based pricing. This model encourages risk sharing between patients/ hospitals and insurance providers. Digipharm’s solution could provide immense value to the Indian chronic disease patients – especially in cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Why India?

India has one of the highest private insurance rate globally with approximately 70% of the country not being insured, and having to pay out of pocket money for their own healthcare. With that in mind the market represents a great opportunity for an outcome-based blockchain-fuelled solution.

What has been achieved?

Thanks to the tailor-made B2B meetings in Bangalore and Mumbai, Ahmed could initiate several potential collaboration with leading national and international companies in IT and electronics, and secured a first local partner.

This program constituted a great learning opportunity. We met dozens of Indian stakeholders in such a short time which was amazing.
Ahmed Abdulla
Founder and CEO / Digipharm