Deeptech – what we offer

We train, coach and accelerate Swiss startups, researchers and corporates for India ambitions. If you are working on the following core areas, for any business use case, get in touch to discuss how we could guide you to scale your project or venture  –

Digital Aviation

If you are a Swiss startup or researcher in a Swiss University keen on evaluating potential of your technology in one of the world’s largest and strongest technology hub – India, we’d be glad to advise and mentor you.

Fact Finding

We keep you informed on the latest digital trends and developments in Switzerland and India.

Access this information through monthly e-mailers and virtual sessions with our team. To receive communication from us or to connect with a team member, drop a line to

India market entry

Swiss startups that are looking to build their local presence, acquire new customers and find a strong foothold in India, should apply for this camp. In addition to mentoring your business model for India, introductions to first customers and potential partners, the camp also provides opportunities to find investors, assistance in getting like-minded people on board to build strong teams, and more. To apply and enquire, click here.

Market Validation

Every Swiss startup can validate its service, product or business model’s suitability for the Indian market by leveraging swissnex India’s guidance and network. This market validation camp provides the startups with a unique opportunity to come to swissnex India and test waters directly with potential partners, early adopters, corporates, investors and other innovation enthusiasts in Bangalore. To apply and enquire, click here.

For more details, reach out to:

Prateek Khare
Head of Startup Partnerships (Coaching & Investor Relations) /