Corporate innovation programs

Our programs are designed to enable you to map the opportunities and find solutions from the right startup partners, and across industries. Take advantage of India’s diverse startup ecosystem, qualified personnel, competitive pricing and solution driven mindset. Co-design an innovation platform with us, using our services –

  • Assessment of your strategic intent
  • Formulating solutions from innovation and collaboration perspective
  • Understanding your value proposition, business model and technical specifications in-depth or building them as necessary.
  • Defining the choice of approach in line with predetermined objectives
  • Partnership management: As a neutral platform, we are better poised to negotiate a win-win outcome with all the partners. swissnex can support you till the agreement or MoU signing stage.

Here’s the competitive advantage that swissnex offers –

  • As a Swiss government entity, we bring the highest level of professionalism and trust to the table.
  • As a multicultural team with diplomatic connections, we have hands-on knowledge of international markets.
  • Our knowledge comes from helping dozens of startups and institutions tackle concrete problems and pursue opportunities in foreign markets.
  • As a part of the Consulate General of Switzerland, our connections include business leaders and decision makers in Switzerland and India.


If you wish to avail our services or learn more about what we offer, reach out to our innovation experts.