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swissnex India provides an outside-in view that is critical to handling external innovation partners. We combine the innovativeness of Switzerland, consistently the top ranked country in the world; with the dynamism of India, the fastest emerging innovation center in Asia with 3 top startup ecosystems of the world. 

We help you navigate through the sea of opportunities in India, by partnering with you at every step of the way. 

Over 15 Swiss companies have trusted us since 2017, to plug into the Indian innovation ecosystem. swissnex India is the ideal partner, given that we’ve been entrenched in the innovation ecosystem since 2010! 

Whether it is landscape analysis, early access to technologies or talents through university partnerships, targeted startup and trend scouting or even building an innovation mind-set; we help you seize the right opportunities. 

Why us?

Strategy: Assessment of strategic intent and formulation of solutions from innovation and collaboration perspective.

External alignment: Identification of the right technology or startup or research institutions.

Internal alignment: Collaboration with internal stakeholders or business units
to align with Indian innovation strategy and implementation. 

What sets us apart?

The swissnex India advantage:

– 20 years of cumulative experience in the Swiss and Indian landscape across industries

– Small, agile team with a very strong network

– Precision innovation – Avoiding unnecessary overhaul and revamping ONLY what you need, without compromising on quality

Lastly, no one understands ‘Swissness’ like the way we do.

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